July 28, 2005

Minga Cam


Here's a lovely photo of my little "crybaby". She's got an active tear duct in one eye, and often is seen "crying". She milks this situation for all it's worth, though - and enjoys all the attention she gets. This picture was taken while she was sideways and her head was upside down - sunning in the corner of our living room on a chair. Her eyes are a greenish orange - very interesting color. Pretty kitty, is she not? You should hear her funny talk. I've never had a cat that could talk in so many different sounds!


K T Cat said...

What a lovely cat!

Anonymous said...

oh my GOSH what a cutie!!! she has gotten so big!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks KTCat. :)

Sara - Yes, she's a lot bigger than the last time you saw her. Still just as snotty, though. She has her sweet moments (about 1 out of 10!)... but for the most part is pretty "above the fray".



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