July 18, 2005

Time Off for Good Behavior?

Well, I can't say I took the entire weekend off from blogging... I did a lot of reading (and some commenting)... but I was pretty convicted after reading another blog's post about how moms should be spending more time with their kids (didn't feel like a gentle reprove to me...so I figure God was trying to tell me something). You see, blogging is sort of a mind-escape for me since Daddy is away... and Sunday night after he heads out of town, we all fall apart. The kids play video games and help me clean up the house, and I usually post and read online. I started blogging (after our homeschool year was abruptly cut short) in early June. I have been a working mom since then, off and on (mostly on). It's hard to maintain a heart-at-home attitude when you're tired after working all day, and you only have time to cook, clean, and get ready for tomorrow. I can't imagine how you single homeschool moms do it. You have my complete admiration and sympathy! I have a friend who is going through a divorce, and I shudder to think of how life will be different for her homeschooled children when mom has to work, and worse - date. I wonder if they will be homeschooled much longer?

So, after being convicted to spend more time on the kids... I decided to make my blog habits a bit less overpowering... and I'm going to start blogging only 5 or 6 nights a week, instead of 7. So, Sunday, you are excused!

I cooked that "Perfect Paella" for church Sunday and it was all eaten up! I also cooked a cream-cheese icing poppy-seed cake that everyone gobbled up... and I'll post that recipe tonight on Gathering Manna. I'll have to get to that Health Series after the work dies down.

For now, here's a bit of good reading that I recommend (if you haven't seen these already):

London: Looking for a Muslim Response by Catez at Allthings2all

What the MSM won't tell you about Iraq by Danny Carlton at JackLewis.net

My Knight... by Carla at Joys in the Journey

Lessons of a Recovering Statistics-Addicted Influence Seeker by Joe Carter at the evengelical outpost

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