August 16, 2005

Buried in Boxes - But I'm OK

Kids - A Welcome Diversion
I'll admit it, I am a lot more comical in real life and over the phone than I am in my writing. Even while the stress is so thick in my life you couldn't cut it with a Ginsu knife... I tend to see the dry humor of things. Life really is very funny (if not warped).

My children have picked up some of my wit. They, more than anything in my existence (other than my geeky, wonderful husband) bring laughter to my heart! Yesterday, when we were eating breakfast at the table, Minga (our young cat) was begging mercilessly, and jumped up on the empty chair at our breakfast table. Her eager head popped up from under the table and she shot each of us a hungry glance. Kaden - without cracking a smile - simply, and frankly told her, "Sorry, kitty. You're not a member of the 'All-You-Can-Eat' Club." I nearly fell off my chair laughing. He's so full of unexpected cleverness. What a joy.

Every year, I put their 'funnies' in our Christmas letter (you know the kind that are four pages long and chronicle our entire year for those who could really care less). One day, I'll have to compile a list of the most hilarious things my kids have ever said on this blog. It would be neat to have them all in one place. Kev and I often reminisce about them, and they still make us giggle.

Stress and Unscheduled Learning
Because of our house selling, minor house repairs and decoration issues, pending move, and need to be in a state of flux for a while as we take time to look for a house, I've kind of resigned myself that we would just start school after September 1st. Morgan begged me for some Math worksheets yesterday. I gave them both one, and they completed them. Then, today, we went to pick up boxes from someone at our church. He gave me a tour of his machine and electronics company with the kids. We got to take an unscheduled field trip to see how circuit boards are built, cleaned and tested. It was really educational and fun, and my son especially loved it, since he claims to want to be an engineer. After we returned home, I got out the paint and retouched the walls and the trim in preparation for the buyer's inspection which was supposed to take place at 2 PM.

At noon, we left town to drive to another city and pick up some free moving boxes donated by a friend to our cause. While on the trip, the kids helped me list all the different states we could find on vehicle license plates we passed. We found nine (MA, FL, TX, LA, KA, ME, OK, MO and TN). The kids grew tired of waiting between states, and I let them pop in a movie.

Boxes, Buildings, Beasts and Bedtime
Almost 400 miles later, we're home, and I'm very tired. I'm surrounded by a maze of boxes and little box houses where the kids are hiding with our cat. I think they know Mommy's about to tuck them in and tucker out! Tomorrow begins our packing adventure.... even in these busy, stressful days, God is good. He keeps me smiling.

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