August 27, 2005


What has happened since 24 hours ago?

  • Well, we got two offers on the house. We played them against each other and got two extra thousand dollars out of the deal. The original buyer who pulled out last time because of her divorce submitted another offer (same contract), and we are back on for closing THIS Friday!

  • We got a storage unit and moved all those boxes I packed and moved to the garage. Poor Kev made six or seven loads to the storage unit while I kept the kids here at the house so he wouldn't be slowed down. What a way to spend your weekend off with family after being in another city all week.

  • We all got hair cuts. Morgan and I, most notably so! I donated ten inches of my hair to the "Locks of Love" program... and still have hair touching my shoulders! Morgan has a cute summer "Bob".

  • I had my comment erased from a "Christian" site today that was complaining about teaching "ID" (Intelligent Design) in public school. More on that when I have time to format the post I wrote after it happened. The whole whiny issue makes my blood boil.

  • I ate a Falafel (mmmm).

  • Nothing else really interesting. No time for Mrs. Pac Man. We're on a very quick count-down towards moving day! I may be sparse this week! Keep us in your prayers.



razorbackmama said...

Congrats on the house closing!!!!!

Can't wait to hear about your ID post.

Tag, you're it!

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh!! That is so fabulous (Yeah, I'm using that word a lot today, perhaps I should delve into the whole "Why" of that issue)! Anyway, I am very happy for you!

Sprittibee said...

Hey - sneaky Keer! I wrote today that I lost that ID post. Should have posted it when it was fresh. Oh, well...

Thanks for the congratulations girls. I'll be posting from my mom's house this time next week! Or my father-in-law's house? Not sure, really. We're going to stop-over a bit until we can save up enough for earnest money on the next house!



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