August 02, 2005

Honey and Red HOT Kitchen

I am sure that you really care, but I had a few inquiries about my color choices, so I thought I would share my kitchen art with friends and family alike... so here are the before and after photos. Remember - I am a novice at painting, and the kitchen now makes the rest of the house look sad and gloomy. Too bad I have no more time, nor money for the other jealous rooms! My arms feel like they are made of rubber, also... so I doubt I could squeeze another seven hours out of these muscles to paint anything else. Aside from some painter's tape trouble on the ceiling at the red wall, we did an awesome job. Here are some painter's tips from my really handy neighbor who came to show us how to do the job like a pro today:

1. Invest in a good brush. (His 8$ Rubbermaid brush put my cheap ones to shame! My friend and I fought over his brush after he generously lent it to me - feeling pity for us after seeing my supplies).

2. Never use painter's tape. Or - if you use it, peel it up while the paint is still WET. I found this out the hard way, after letting the red dry... and watching the latex (now turned to a plastic-like substance) peel mercilessly off the wall as I tugged on the tape. I did the entire room today without painter's tape, and it looks MUCH better - and no mess to patch up later!

3. Use a tiny flat paintbrush (such as what you would allow your kids to paint watercolors with) to do trim corners, make straight lines, or go around light switches or plugs. I made the most awesome corner crease today between the red and gold using a little brush like this.

4. When putting glossy paint on, use the roller going down the wall from the top as your last stroke. The gloss looks better this way.

5. And I already said this, but once again, never judge your RED paint until you have two coats on and it is dry!


Notice -
1. The Thomas the Tank Engine Table (my next project after the flower beds out front tomorrow is to paint this little table "hammered red" and return it to the kitchen next to the window)
2. The sad white mini-blinds that won't be returning... hopefully we'll have new curtains soon with the help of a friend from our co-op.
3. The ugly contemporary light fixture over the table (WHAT possesses these builders to pick such UGLY lighting?) - I threw this one out and spray-painted a hideous, bright, shiny brass fixture that was in my "dining" room (school room) and my neighbor gave us the shades you see in the After shots below...



razorbackmama said...

Wow!!!!!! So when are you coming to help me with my house? ;-)

So with the lack of painter's that where the little paintbrush comes in, so that you don't get paint where you don't want it?

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I found the same problem with painters tape, and I am NOT happy about it! Now I have several areas I have to go touch up with a mini paintbrush. Once I figured that problem out though I started scoring the area with a razoe before peeling the tape off. (And we won't discuss the areas I somehow "accidentally" got on the ceiling, yeah...must fix that still)

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Keer and Sheri! :) So I guess that means I did good for a novice, eh? I am putting off the upstairs master bath for a bit, though. With school about to start, I may make that a weekend project instead.

Yes, I used a flat water-color paintbrush (very small) for the corners and crease at the ceiling only... and to go around the electric plates. I do have some touch-up paint work to do where the tape peeled the paint off like plastic on the red wall... and where the paint seeped under the tape on the red floor-board.

Anonymous said...

wow! Your kitchen looks great! I love those colors together.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks marineswife. :)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen/dining room looks like what I've been thinking about for my home. Those colors didn't work with my house for some reason.They look beautiful in yours. Ive been visiting so may websites and books looking for decorating tips. I finally decided that I dont fit their categories and decided to search for painting a homeschool kitchen and voila! I found you. What a neat site. Thanks for the inspiration with your colors. I have 2 boys, 10 and 8. I am now looking at soft greens and yellows that might help to keep us all calm as we do our math (often in the kitchen).I'll let you know. I hope mine turns out as good as yours.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Anonymous... but I don't live in this wonderful house anymore. :( We didn't do most of our school in that room, anyway. We had a dining room which we had turned into a school room. I sure miss my honey and red hot kitchen and the house it was attached to!



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