August 22, 2005

Monday Madhouse

Box Management and Changing Course
I think I'm going to tackle getting a few things back out of my boxes today (accessories for the mantle, the tops of the cabinets, book cases, etc.) and maybe a casserole pan. I'm going to stack the boxes out in the garage, I guess. I hate it that I finally got to park in there, and now I'm giving it up for storage. Oh, well. It's better than finding my way through the maze of boxes downstairs. I'm also going to organize the closets and get some more school planning done. We have decided to wait out the next buyer instead of paying for storage. The cost roughly comes out the same as utilities to rent a large storage unit and move out... but then we have to use up our welcome at someone else's house until we find a house of our own where we are headed. This seems to be the wisest choice. Praying a buyer appears quickly, and that God keeps us uplifted and strengthens our trust and hope.

As for bloggie stuff... (sorry for the lack of 25-cent-words there), I ran into a few interesting things over the weekend I thought I would share.

First of all, a great site (and radio talk show) for the financially impaired (us included) is Dave Ramsey's site. They have all kinds of calculators, quizzes, information, and more. They even provide counseling - but not sure about the details.

Some interesting Homeschool News on fellow blogs:

Homeschoolers Proving Skeptics Wrong at Central Indiana Homeschool


Grizzly Mama's Homeschool Statistics Article

If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going. -- Professor Irwin Corey

Another wonderful financial related article can be found at the Christian Courier. It is entitled May a Christian Declare Bankruptcy? Be sure to stop in check out their awesome Statement of Faith FAQ Page.

And, if you would rather read about world-view... I stumbled upon this article taken from Forming an opinion on the article... not quite sure if I agree with it's content.

Hallmarks of Christian Materialism
Some of these hallmarks have their origins in movements that predate Christian Materialism, and many have passed into the mainstream of modern American Christianity. Taken as a whole, however, they outline the character of American Christian Materialism.

  • The materialization of spirituality in the form of "spiritual gifts" such as snake-handling, speaking in tongues, faith-healing, visitations of the spirit and so forth.

  • The promotion of "Young-Earth Creation Science," as an exact analogue to mainstream science, except where that would conflict with the Bible.

  • A literal and inflexible reading of the Christian Scriptures.

  • The promotion of "Biblical law" as a set of social principles with the same kind of universal scope, immutable validity and unambiguous interpretation as the "laws" of material science.

  • Extremely large churches.

  • Wealthy pastors.

  • The use of sophisticated marketing techniques to attract worshippers.

  • The sale of Christian-themed knick-knacks, clothing and other material items.

  • The sale and distribution of prosperity-themed books, tapes, seminars and brochures (often from the pulpit).

  • A disdain for idealism.

  • A focus on "Biblical proof."

  • Music and entertainment that consists of Christian-themed variants of mainstream music and entertainment.
  • Not sure I like seeing all those items in one list. What do you think?


    Anonymous said...

    Sounds like some Fundamental Christian beliefs mixed with the materialistic (reach this younger generation) marketing all tied in under one label. I just hope we realize the need to back up all this marketing with the truth that will heal our land.
    Good and thoughtful blogging!

    Admin said...

    I'm a Dave Ramsey listener as well. Glad to see someone else finding him. He's going to be appearing on CBS' 60 minutes next Sunday and will be on the Early Show on CBS every other Tuesday.

    Anonymous said...

    The article reads as though it was written by a non-Christian about the kind of Church I probably wouldn't go to.



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