August 01, 2005

Paint Drain

Not much school planning getting done around here!

...BUT, I do have a red breakfast area wall, now... and a few red fingers... and fingernails... and a lot of body aches. The more it dries, the more I like it. It looked HORRIBLE after the first coat. I almost cried! I did NOT want to re-paint it white. But after a second coat, and a lot of careful painting along the corners and edges, I began to see that it had hope. At around 5pm, five long hours after I had started, I was done. My advice - don't judge your red until you have at least two coats on, and it's DRY.

It was a big fiasco trying to get the paint this morning, because I had picked the colors out using Ralph Lauren, and then bought the cheap stuff at Wal-Mart using their color matching machine... the only thing was, they weren't able to match the Ralph Lauren paints... for some strange reason? So we picked two similar colors from what they had available.

The red is a bit brighter, but some of that is because I did semi-gloss since it's in the kitchen, and my kids have greasy little fingers! Love to bite on them.

The gold is a bit more wheaty, but that's because it's not metallic like the Ralph Lauren. I just love metallic finishes - similar to acrylic metallic glaze. It certainly is different going from a stark WHITE house to a bright RED. We have a lot of really nice red accents, so it is a fitting color. Our furniture has a hint of Thai or Indian flavor - and my kitchen has a bee theme (go figure). Not the bright yellow and black bees, but rather a softer, more country color pallet. So the golds and reds look very nice together. I'll have to take a picture when we get finished.

For now, I have to go rest my weary body and eat some Paella leftovers... or maybe some Pei Wei leftovers (wonderful chinese food - Teryaki Chicken with no MSG - on a bed of healthy, delicious brown rice!). I need to get out of this bag of dark chocolate Star Wars peanut M&M's on my desk!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday evening. You'll have to excuse me for not writing much... my arms and hands are weary. Tomorrow I have enlisted the help of a wonderful friend to help me paint.... and hopefully it will go quicker than it did today doing it mostly alone.

Prayer Request
Please be in prayer for Sudan and the family of President John Garang. He was killed today in a helicopter accident, and leaves behind his wife, their seven children, and a huge family of Christian followers who loved him dearly. Click here to read the full story on Doug Phillips' blog at the Vision Forum.


Sheri said...

What color red did you choose? We used Walmart Apple Red in our dining and eventually in our kitchen and breakfast nook. We love it! It's not appley at all. But your right, it took a couple of coats to step back and say "Wow! this is nice!"

Pilgrim said...

We bought a home with a red dining room, and I want to change it! Maybe I should appreciate what I have. There is a chair rail, with gray and white striped wallpaper around the bottom.

Sprittibee said...

Red! Oh, I think the color is called "Red Hot". The gold color is called "Honey". It looked like butter or buttercream icing when wet, but looks much more like a honey wheat color once dry. I am getting used to all the color - it is such a big change. My friend and I painted from noon until 3:30, and then she left me to finish up from then until 7pm! I am really pooped!

As for the red dining room, Julana - if you hate it, then you should paint over it! Paint is cheap, and it is not that hard to do it yourself. I am becoming a pro, and have had lots of great tips from my neighbor who also paints. I'll have to post some pointers on a post after we finish our project. Check back with me later!



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