August 15, 2005

Pre-Moving Stress

Ok... I'm just me today - no lists, no informative information, no lesson plans, no bible-inspired articles... sorry, but life has been going at the speed of light lately (and I thought the REALTOR had a to-do list for me that was a mile long)! I suppose I have been in denial about the REAL hustle and bustle that was bound to follow a signed contract on our home. But alas, my days of waiting are over (Praise the Lord), and now is the time to get up and meet the challenge!

Today, I am trying to procure a storage unit and boxes, while dealing with paperwork and phone-calls that must be handled before our move. I have to fix the trim on the "red wall" in the kitchen, and let the handy-man in this afternoon to fix a tiny corner that has some sheet-rock damage (made by one of those shower poles!). Tomorrow is our inspection by the buyer, so I'm praying that everything will go without a hitch, and her option period will end as planned this Friday. We are praying she doesn't require us to shell out any more money since she asked us to professionally clean the carpets and the house after we move out, and she got the house for almost ten thousand dollars under it's appraised value (desperate sellers that we are)!

I have to manage to pack up everything on my own, since hubby is working all week, and will not be able to take off next week when the move happens, either. That leaves me a week and a half (moving day is next Wednesday or Thursday) to get everything done.

I apologize in advance for my blog being neglected this week... but I am going to try and use spare time (if I get any) to gather the data up out of my 2nd year lesson plan book to post the same information for our 2003-2004 school year that I have for our 2001-2002. The second year we homeschooled, my children had already lost a year (2002-2003) at a private school where I worked as the registrar, so don't be confused that we skipped an entire year. My son repeated Kindergarten at private school, and my daughter went to 3 year preschool there. Our second year of homeschool, we started late - we pulled them out of the private school at the end of September, and started homeschool in October. My husband was in Iraq, and we were doing Kindergarten for my 4.5 year old, and First Grade for my 6.5 year old. This is why my children are only one GRADE apart, and yet two YEARS apart. He repeated Kindergarten, and she started Kindergarten early.

I guess this year's school will have to wait until September!

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Happy 2006!



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