September 16, 2005

Coming Dawn

I spent the night the other night at my friend Ammie's while I was away checking mail and changing my address in my old town. She happened to be cooking her famous Beef Stroganoff, so I was persuaded into staying for dinner (and then Italian Coffee)... making it too late for my return drive. It is nice when you find homeschool friends who feel more like family. I have a few of those, scattered in and around Texas (and one family in Missouri). Friends are God's richest blessing.

I have heard it said that:

"Joys shared are double joys. Sorrows shared are half sorrows."
- Swedish Proverb

This is so true. It is hard leaving friends behind, but the great thing is, they will always be there when you go back.

Ammie lives in the country, surrounded by rolling hills, creeks, and beautiful mowed lawns covered with old oaks and two "ornamental" white ponies that roam freely. At night, while I was there, I woke up in the middle of the night, surrounded by windows and couldn't go back to sleep. I could see the trees swaying in the moonlight in the skylight. Blame it on the two cups of Italian Coffee. I wrote this poem before I went back to sleep...

Coming Dawn

Yesterday melts into history
Following the score of a cricket orchestra
Night lifts her shadow and nods in a bow
A curtain opens on the morning star
Darkness makes it's way through three shades of blue

An angel's chorus rising
Audience unaware, sleeping below, humanity sighs
The hands of the Creator cradle eternity
Heaven's silver dusting a brand new sky
Sunrise masterpiece and swirling colors

Stardust and Son
Priceless gift of another day
Precious time - mystery of forgiveness
Hidden in His palm
One more chance to find Him in the Light

Breath of yesterday finally exhaled, forgotten
Glowing blue marble of Earth, turning towards destiny
Judgement's shore awaits
A spot on the horizon of tomorrows
On the edge of God's sea of love


Linda Kelley said...

I'm having trouble e-mailing you. I replyed to your e-mail today and it came back undeliverable--three times. I'll try again tomorrow. Don't you just love computers?!

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for the heads up. I have been wondering like crazy why I have had absolutely no email in two days. Ha! I was trying to enjoy it, but it seemed suspicious! The last time I had no email in two days was in 1994.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Very pretty poem - you are gifted!

I know you're on the road from Rita; please be safe!

Drop me a line when things settle down!

Love, Cindy.



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