September 24, 2005

Lazy Saturday in Dallas

I'm feeling pretty guilty about Rita's ability to suck the rest of our homeschool week into her wet little whirlwind. Wondering if I should find some time today to cram the entire week's worth of library books into my children's little minds. Maybe we should just discuss the topic and move on. We're supposed to be done with Friction/Resistance and Action/Reaction by yesterday... and we didn't cover very much this week with our exodus out of Houston, packing up to live with relatives, and being completely absorbed by CNN since Thursday night.

Anyway... in the mean time, I've been browsing the very interesting blog links that I've listed for you in my side-bar. Amy of Amy's Humble Musings has a nice little post about trusting God and being true to yourself and what you believe in as you live your life - no matter what other people think of you. This particular post by Amy kind of ties in with my Little Dinosaur post (from earlier this week) in an obscure kind of way. If you scroll down a bit in her recent posts, you'll see a link to Challies... click here if you, too, want to enter the contest (which Amy says is legit).

Off to hug on my children. Have a super rest of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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