September 14, 2005

Pathetic Blog Topic: My Favorite Shirt

I'm on my way out the door today... we're car-schooling again. I have to drive 3-400 more miles (adding to the almost 1,000 miles I put on the SUV last weekend) to go pick up our mail and change our address, have lunch with good friends, feed some cats, and then return to Nana and Pawpaw's house. I just wanted to share my favorite shirt with you... in case you had been sitting there wondering about it.... (Ha!) It's from Old Navy (and is actually a really LARGE kid's shirt). I saw a little 2 year old wearing one and HAD to have one. Bzzzzz - that's me! Queen Sprittibee!

See you tomorrow - I promise to try and come up with something a little more interesting to blog about!



Sheri said...

Oh that's a really cute shirt and how fitting!

I'm holding out for a Ladies cut SF Giants shirt...(Apparently the links to the shirts I keep sending to my Dh aren't clue enough LOL)

Anonymous said...

LOL yay for the queen bee shirt! You didn't mention that this is actually your SECOND one! ;)

Sprittibee said...

Note to self: Pathetic Blog Topics draw multiple comments. :)

I'm glad to know that at least a couple of people still love me when I have my brain tied behind my back! :)

Shhhhh! Sara - you must not divulge my most lucrative secrets! :) *just kidding* Yes, this was the second Bee shirt. The first one got a tiny stain that wouldn't come out.

Jan said...

I like your little blog. It gives us incite into sides of you, other than homeschooling mom, wife, etc.
I,also, like your bee shirt. Your choice of it speaks volumes.Do you like to be busy, in charge,on-the-go, have lots of people around you, etc?
You know..."a picture paints a thousand words"...

Sprittibee said...

I really love bees... although I am extremely scared of flying insects, and will run (screaming) if one tries to land on me or get up close. As long as they are going about their little buzzy business, we're fast friends. Wasps are another story all-together!

I also used to draw a lot (wanted to be an artist when I grew up) when I was a kid. So I love cartoonish charicters of animals and animation films. The bee on my shirt is a really feminine and pretty one. I think that's why I like her so much.

I would say that I love being the Queen in my own little family of 4, and love it when my husband treats me so... because I want that for my own daughter. But when it comes to crowds, you would be amazed that while I am a conversationalist, I am not usually a leader by any means. I lead more through writing than in person. I am more myself on paper/computer screen, than I am with anyone but my close knit family!

Writing has always been a very overpowering part of my life... and I have emensely enjoyed returning to it. It's like finding a lost love that was always here - never far away... that I had set aside for the sake of pressing duty.

This part of me I promised not to throw away again, because I feel it is a passion (gift) that God ingrained in me from the time I was very young... and to neglect or ignore it would be to bury a "talent" that God has given me to use to His glory. Forbid the day that I not render up to Him all honor for the few things I have been given. I pray He blesses each of my readers with at least a glimpse of his changing grace in my life.

And that is the story of me - the little bee, who didn't know I couldn't fly... I just flew anyway.... because my creator gave me the strength.

(nice story to make my point, but apparently proven a myth - here)

Anonymous said...

Heather - I love you !!!!!!



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