October 06, 2005

Alternative to the Ever Leftward PTA

I got a disturbing letter from the American Family Association in the mail this summer. It discussed the National PTA's latest leftward alliances and agendas. I'm sure that for most American moms, the PTA brings thoughts of home-room moms, cookie bake sales, and money earned for libraries and playgrounds. Maybe this was the case for most of the PTA's existence, but not so anymore. According to Warren Throckmorton, PHD, in his June 13, 2005 article, he states that "the National Parent Teacher Association has joined the NEA (National Education Association) in choosing sides in the cultural debate over homosexuality in the schools".

Apparently, even veteran members of the National PTA are resigning over this issue. According to an article written by Hans Zeiger, dated June 26, 2004, his mother (a 25 year PTA chair-member and art program director) has stepped down stating that "As a Christian, a mother, and a teacher," she "doesn't think the gay agenda should be brought up in schools anywhere." She said she was offended by it. This came after the PTA held a convention in June of this past year in Anaheim, California featuring a workshop called, "All for One and One for All: Ending Anti-Gay Bullying". The group putting on this workshop is called the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). According to the Warren Throckmorton's article (mentioned above), PFLAG believes "children can self identify their gayness by at least age nine; children should go on camera to discuss it; homosexuality is fixed and hardwired; and school anti-bullying laws are inadequate without reference to sexual orientation."

According to Zeiger, who's mother and father both left the PTA (both former teachers and actively involved, paying members), "the National PTA has been drifting leftward, away from parents and communities, and away from education - toward a liberal political agenda."

This doesn't come as a surprise to me (as a homeschooler). I can see the mass product turned out by public schools today and know that my children would be better off at home. I do feel for those who are forced to use public schools as a means of education, though. I also believe that there are a great many wonderful educators within the public school system who mean well and are making a difference in the lives of many American children. It saddened me deeply in the year 2000 (around the same time I chose to keep my children home and educate them myself) that the National PTA president (at the time) Ginny Markell announced that the PTA was going to back the flagrantly homosexual agenda-pushing movie "That's A Family". The entire sex education issue in public schools makes the hair stand up on my arms.

The good thing for parents of public school students is that there is an alternative to the PTA. There can still be cookie bake sales, fund-raisers for the school, and home-room moms to comfort students and help busy teachers. That alternative? The PTO. The Parent Teacher Organization doesn't lobby the government on political issues, it doesn't charge dues, it's goals and guidelines are set by local parents, and all funds raised remain with local schools. It's nice that you don't have to sacrifice your morals and fund the homosexual agenda to be actively involved in your child's education! If public school is for you, look in to the PTO!

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