October 19, 2005

Benadryl Blogger Hits the Road

Between sneezes, I post... half way between here and la-la land. My cat and my mom came to visit last night, and I was already beginning to react to something in the air - maybe ragweed? The animal dander solidified it... and this morning, I was in a full fledge allergy attack - sneezing my head off. My husband lives in a state of allergic shock.... but this is a rare thing for me. I promptly assaulted the cat and shoved her into the bath tub for a proper grooming... and popped a sudafed and benadryl intermittently between lunch and the cat-torture session. So, I am now floating in a cloud of chemical-induced fog... and I am covered in shampoo-smelling water and moist cat hair. I guess I'll have to change clothes before we load the car...

What a day! My poor nose.

The kids have done Math today, but little else. We had to return our library books yesterday for the last time in Texas (for a while), and they are busy playing with grandma. We got my son's teeth sealed at the dentist earlier and weren't able to get over to the Army Recruiting office yet. Maybe we'll do that next week instead.

Well... I have vehicles to load and the fog is dense... I better go before I end up napping (drooling) on this keyboard.

I'll try and blog while traveling.... but I'm packing my computer tonight, too....


Patti Doughty said...

Spritti, boy am I out of touch. I thought you were moving back home a couple of weeks ago. Where are you heading this week? Are you joining your husband? I'm afraid I've missed important info in the Posts I haven't had a chance to read. You know the old soap opera commercial, "Miss a day, miss a lot" - I think that's the position I'm in. If you get a chance, fill in the details for me.


Sprittibee said...

Sorry, Patti. My life is a little faster than your normal soap. :) We sold the house here in Texas, have been living with in-laws, and were planning to move within Texas to another city where my husband has been working... but he found out about a job out of state that he could not pass up, and they hired him... so he gave notice and we stopped our house hunt here in Texas to move out of state! It's all happened in the last two months... and my head is still spinning (party because of the benadryl).

Jan said...

Praying a blessing on you tonight as you struggle on through allergies, travelling, homeschooling, and waiting to find home. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I lit a candle for you tonight.



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