October 30, 2005

Grass is Greener Elsewhere

We've had a few twists and turns in events in the past 48 hours since my last blog post. I wanted to sneak in and give everyone a quick update before we run out and do some more house hunting. It seems that there were some issues with the last house that daylight and neighbors exposed to us that made us back out of the deal. We won't be penalized, since the sellers didn't respond to our proposal in time (although they did accept it). A neighbor told us the neighborhood and area was on the decline, and we saw the back yard up close in the daylight (it had been night before when we made the offer after first sight)... there was a huge above ground electrical wire corridor behind the house and it was set up on a hill. There was also a trench dug level with the fence and the yard was at a slope... so the water would run towards our crawl space and house. We also found out that the area had been hit by a category 5 tornado previously, and was prone to flooding a few decades ago.

We did some driving on our own, without our realtor, and we discovered another area that is much nicer... and are hoping to see some houses there today. If we have to move into an apartment and wait for something to come available in the area in our price range, so be it.

Keep us in your prayers as the expenses are high and the conditions are cramped. My mom is leaving today, also, and will be traveling to Texas. I'm praying her hand will continue to heal and is not broken. We probably won't be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year to Texas, so I hope she will come see us again in a month or so.

Have a great Lord's Day. Thanks for checking in on us! Hopefully I'll be back to normal blogging topics again soon!


Jan said...

Well, I'm disappointed for you on the one hand, and relieved that you found out all this information before you got yourselves in too deeply.
However, in some ways you're back to square one again and that difficult place of limbo. Waiting is so hard.
I will pray for you guys not to get discouraged. So much has changed for you in such a short time,with the added stress of being away from what's familiar and loved. Be assured that you are thought of often and will continue to be upheld in prayer.
Just like you said to me a while back...God has something wonderful in mind for you, and longs to bless you with it. The timing is in His hands.

Sheri said...

Aw, I am sorry, sometimes it hurts so much to have to back out of something, even if you know it's not the right thing.

ON the plus side, I have never found a house with the aid of a realtor! Not that I haven't had them looking, but they never found the great deals I found.

You remain in our prayers.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement gals. :) I'm working on trying to keep it together! God is good, and I know all of this is for a reason.



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