October 08, 2005

HELP: Brain Won't Turn Off

It's only the first day of my weekend, and my head is spinning. We are truly "living in the whirlwind" like Beth Moore has said before. So, what's on my mind at 1AM in the morning, keeping me from going to sleep with the rest of the household? Not just bee cursors and recipes... no...

I'll tell you what's on my mind...

1. This Monday I'm supposed to start a unit study on Christopher Columbus (This Coming Monday is Columbus Day), and in my haste (packing before our move), I forgot to bring the correct section of my Konos book to actually PLAN and TEACH that unit... so I'm going to have to do my own research for ideas and come up with my own unit.

2. This Monday, my husband is giving 2 week's notice at his job, because he has accepted a job out of state... thus we'll be leaving our beloved home state of Texas in the trail dust in two weeks, moving inland (into the rest of the United States) - I try not to be a 'Texas Snob' (as a few close friends tend to refer to me in a loving way), but it's so hard when I'm so partial.

3. My six year old daughter had a filling today at the dentist office. Yep. I felt like a failure as a mom when he told me she was going to have to get one (you should have seen my face). You must understand that neither I, nor my husband have ever had a filling (and I'm not sure even a cavity)... so having my baby (the youngest) get her 'toofy' drilled on and seeing the doctor stick an evil-looking, three-inch needle into her tooth was pretty grueling. She handled it like a champ... then, like her mother would have, she milked it for all it was worth.

4. I really want to de-stress by starting an exercise (dirty word, I know!) program regularly with the kids... and I really want to get off of the sugary foods, sodas, junk foods and fast foods (this includes things with hydrogenated oils, enriched and bleached flours, ANY type of artificial sweeteners, and high-fructose corn syrups). Basically, this limits my diet to things that are EXPENSIVE. Yes, folks, in case you didn't know - eating healthy costs more. Just walk in to your nearest McDonalds... there are NO salads on the dollar menu. I'm thinking of making a ten-pound goal, using a health journal, and really making a determined effort to incorporate more physical activities into our homeschooling. There are many choices... community sports teams, church sports teams, sports classes, gym or YMCA memberships, homeschool sports co-ops, and right now... for us - workout videos at home - and a lot of walking and playground time, since we only have two weeks left in Texas!

I'm sure there are other things keeping me up as well. Maybe the garlic in that lovely hummus I ate tonight... or maybe the heavenly pistachio ice-cream we had for desert? If you know me really well, you can guess what restaurant I ate at! My mind keeps wandering over number 1 and 2 when I shut my eyes...

I'm sure I'll remember number 3 every night before bedtime as I remind my kids like a broken record to "brush their teeth before bed". I think I should probably write number 4 down in my school lesson planner so I won't forget it after I've had a nice long nap and wake up hungry in the morning. No more skipping breakfast for me.

Time to pray for God to help me turn the noodle in my head off for tonight so I can get some Saturday beauty rest. I pray that your weekend is a blessing. Thank you for stopping in.


rich glasgow said...

Hi Heather...sorry to hear y'all are moving out of state, but you gotta go where the job takes you. Nothing lasts forever, so just make it a point to come back to Texas sooner or later.

Best wishes in your new endeavors. Moving is always a stressful deal. Make the best of it.

Douglas said...

Hope the move goes well.

I'm writing to ask your advice as to how to let homeschoolers know about my blog, Crossword Bebop, where I do the New York Times crossword puzzle each day, and ramble a bit about jazz. Any suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Rich. Don't worry - I'm a Texan in my bones. I tell people overseas I'm a Christian Texan first, American second. ;)

Thanks for stopping in Douglas, and for the well-wishes. I'll stop in and check out your site. Are you a homeschooling dad?

Grizzly Mama said...

That is a lot on your mind. No wonder you can't sleep.

We are looking to re-vamp our diet too. I like the no sugar, low carb, high protein deal. You are right - it is more expensive to buy whole foods and it takes planning and time, too. I always feel better off of sugar though.



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