October 04, 2005

Icons of Us

Wow... three posts in one day. Aren't you all so lucky in blogdom?! Well, this one will be short. I thought you would enjoy seeing the wonderful icons that our family members made together online at the Portrait Illustration Maker site (minus hard-working Daddy, of course). Kevin calls me his cream-puff (translate that into: Bon-Bon Eating Housewife Who Watches Soaps on TV All Day). Ha! Only another homeschooling mother could understand how ironic that statement is! I got these links on my post today from Catez, a wonderful blogger from New Zealand.

Today has been our unpacking, cleaning, laundry, worksheet, paperwork, phonecall, computer, grading, library-book-round-up day. After 13 days away from home (before, during, and after Rita)... we needed to unwind a little. My son has managed to make his Math and Language last all day. I'm not exactly sure how to inspire him to get his homework done in an acceptable amount of time. Tomorrow, though, we are going to be hitting a regular ball-game as far as school goes, and he's going to be timed. If he has leftover work, he'll just have to do it in the evening when school is over (just like public school students). I wish that I could convince him that his worksheets don't have to take an hour a piece (or longer). Any ideas?

Here are the little icons we made... Heather, Kaden and Morgan.

And in case you are needing a good laugh, here's a must click:

"Don't Push the Red Button"

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

Hey, girl.

You know I understand the worksheet battle! One thing that helps Robert is to have a clock with big numbers on it in front of him. Another thing is to give him little breaks. Finish the front - get a 10 minute break. Finish the back - another break. Believe me, even with the breaks, we get done a lot faster!



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