October 12, 2005

Military Unit Begins

We began our military unit today. I have been collecting books from the library for weeks. I also got a few at the half-price book store, including one very old book about Napoleon. I have always been fascinated with Napoleon. I thought I would share with you one of my favorite paintings of him. I'm sorry that I don't have time to post today, but we are busy getting school work done. I have all of six days to finish our military unit (and maybe some field trips this weekend, which I am not considering school days unless the field trip lasts most of the day).

I also made a nice chart for the kids daily assignments today in Excel, and printed it. It has a column for the names of the subjects, a column for the assignments, and a column for "completed by" (where I can write the initial of the child who completed the assignment and notes). Last year, I used the computer to keep track of grades, report cards, daily assignments and lesson plans. This year, I have returned to the tried-and-true PENCIL for all my record keeping. This spreadsheet is my only computer generated paperwork this year. When you are living like a gypsy (traveling a lot), you just don't have the accessibility of a computer as much as you would like... and you DO have plenty of time (such as in hotels, doctor's offices, and at family member's houses) to grade papers and record them the good old-fashioned way!


Napoleon Crossing the Saint-Bernard

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1 comment:

Grizzly Mama said...

He is a handsome little devil in that painting, isn't he?!



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