October 16, 2005

Missing In Action

OK... I admit, I took a long break... my last post being Thursday. But, you have to give me a little slack because my life is upside down right now. My stuff is in a storage unit, my husband is in another city working, I'm living at my in-law's house, I'm trying to effectively homeschool two very busy grammar-schoolers, and I'm moving to another state in less than a week. Yes, I DO need a Calgon Bath... or a few shots of Demoral. Too bad my husband's not an anesthesiologist.

So, instead of doing my laundry, my checkbook, my un-graded stack of schoolwork and record keeping, my packing, my car-loading, my online apartment hunting, ... etc.... I'm spending time in here checking in on my blog and leaving notes to my mute audience (or maybe my make-believe audience?). I am a bit overwhelmed with the ins and outs of this week. Keep me in your prayers (hopefully you are the praying type)!

And for those of you who are doctrine junkies... here's a nice little essay I just scanned after a thought-provoking email which got me to researching about Calvanists and Arminians. I've always just thought I was a Christian... and still do. But this made for some interesting reading. I like to think of myself as "Anti-denominational". How about you, my invisible friend?

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MommyLydia said...

Hrm. That essay seems to answer the question I'd been having as to where people would classify me -- neither.

I wasn't raised with either of these terms (though I was raised fundamental, independent Baptist -- the independence part was emphasized more than the Baptist. Sort of a "If the Baptist parts way with the Bible, we'll take the Bible thanks" kind of idea. Oh and PS I had never heard of either of the Confessions mentioned in this essay.)

But if Arminians believe you can lose your salvation.
And Calvinists believe that salvation isn't for everyone who believes--

then I fit in neither camp. And it is right that the churches I go don't spend any time going over the two ideas.

Sprittibee said...

I hadn't spent any time learning about either camp at the churches I have been to, either. It was an interesting read. I can see why people could fall into either camp, but I find that both of them are irrelevant, as they both agree on the main gospel - that Jesus died for our sins, and if we believe and are baptized, we shall be saved. It really doesn't matter after that point... because it is not our works that save us, but God's grace. So, we should work out of love, and be thankful for the Grace, and LOVE one-another along the way (even in our differences). I don't think there will be a line in heaven ... "Arminians on the LEFT, and Calvanists on the RIGHT". No, I think we'll all just be called "Good and Faithful Servants" who enter into God's rest.

Jan said...

Dear Heather,
I will certainly keep you in my prayers as you are in my thoughts every time I go on the computer and blog.
Your situation makes me be thankful for the relative monotony of my days spent at home with my kids.
I'm sure you will have grown in your faith when you look back on the trials of the last months. What a celebration you will have when you settle into a home with your husband and can teach your children in your own space.
God is with you, my friend. Keep the faith. " For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." 2 Cor.4:17

Sprittibee said...

Thanks so much Jan. I appreciate the prayers and well wishes. I have been very overwhelmed this year. It has been a whirlwind. I have been very well-taken care of, though, by the Lord. I am looking forward to a little monotony. :)

Grizzly Mama said...

You're doing a bang up job! It's all going to be fine. Your readers are here...really - I am! I just get sidetracked here and there myself.

LOL about the Demoral! Loved it.

When you get a chance - try getting a pedicure. I just had my first - my sister treated - and I was transported. Wonderful.

Take care, now.



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