October 26, 2005

Monopoly Money???

I stopped by Keer's site this morning after dropping "honee" off at work. He had to be there at 7am, so my daughter (who went with us) crawled back into bed with my mom and my son, and I'm up blog peeping before our realtor comes to pick us up at 10am. Keer had a link on her site I thought I would share. It ensnared me long enough to try it out myself. I entered my blog url and came up with an unbelievable price tag. Made me think of selling out! But WHO would buy such a blog as this???

My blog is worth $42,340.50.
How much is your blog worth?

If only I could come up with this much cash.... our debt troubles would be over! Alas, we are plugging away at it, one greenback at a time! I wonder how this guy gets the price-tag??? Fuzzy math??? So what do you think my blog is really worth? I guess there's just no price tag on stress-relief! But, if you do feel like contributing to the cause (in case the 40-something-K is a little too pricey for you), you could always buy something through my Amazon links! I'll get a little pocket change to put towards our homeschooling books. Too bad blogging doesn't make you rich. I might take it a little more seriously, then.

Take the quiz for yourself... how much is YOUR blog worth?

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MommyLydia said...

Here's a thought: It isn't REALLY worth that much no matter what a link says until you find someone willing to pay that much for it.

if the fellow who made the link was willing to buy blogs for, say, 70% of what he claims they are "worth" (After all, that still gives him a cool 30% as profit) -- I might take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

HA! I guess there's some value to having a "blogspot" blog. Mine is a stand-alone and it's worth a whopping $0.00!

A bit more accurate, I'd say! Not that sbees.blogspot.com isn't a cute name!

Sprittibee said...

My Boaz's Ruth: I agree that the blog is only worth as much as the person you find willing to pay for it says! :) But, it is priceless to be able to vent, rant, and remember... blogs are wonderful.

Cindy: Your blog is wonderful. I wouldn't buy it from you, though. It would loose a great author if I did!



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