November 22, 2005


"Make sure your blog readers and your congressman know all the facts on the differences between H.R. 4194 and H.R. 1606. Your freedom of speech could depend upon their knowing the difference."
Read up about H.R. 4194 and 606 at Tappscott's Copy Desk.

Evangelical Blog Award Nominations Have Begun! Stop over at Eric Ragle's "Evangelical Underground" to read more about the categories, and nominate your favorite blogists.

"Instead of lowering the age to twelve, they ought to be raising it to the level of other states or even higher. No wonder Arkansas has the highest high school drop out rates and the lowest standard test scores in the nation. It's pretty hard to take the SAT test when you have to get a babysitter or can't even spell S-A-T. No wonder our former president had to ask what the definition of "is" is!"
Read the entire article: "Arkansas Lowers Age of Consent" at The Spoof!

National Motor Vehicle License Bureau web site - offering a free searchable database of over 121 million U.S. driver's license photos and license information. Go see if your image is online!



"When you are in deep trouble, say nothing and try to look inconspicuous."

I got this via email and I thought this was very handy information to have... it is the best site of it's kind I have seen as of yet.
"Here's a website where you can enter your street address, and it will show you a map of where sexual predators live. It shows who they are, what they did, where they live in relation to you and a photo. Check it out and pass it on."

Here's a free desktop calendar that you can use to help keep your schedule on your screen-top. I have not used it, so I don't endorse the product, I just wanted to pass this link along to other moms who might be interested. I have also been told that 3M's Post-it® Software Notes is good. I tend to use my MS Outlook's Calendar and my trusty Cell Phone Calendar (including reminder alarms) to help keep me on track... but these software packages look very interesting indeed!

Someone passed along a whimsical little list of "What a 4 Year Old Should Know" that I thought I would share with you moms of preschoolers and toddlers. The website has other preschooler links and lesson plans as well. Here's an excerpt from the front page:
"This site was born out of my desire to share ideas and celebrate the neat parents out there. In an age when kids are getting scoliosis from toting home such heavy backpacks and people are trying to teach their infants French, I thought it was high time there was a place that focused on plain old happy, goofy, silly, leisurely life for our children."
Here's a List of History Books that incorporate the Charlotte Mason Approach.... and likewise, a List of Geography Books that does the same.

Here's a wonderful site celebrating the literary icon: Jane Austen.
"Jane Austen is a well-known British author who wrote her literary works during the late 18th and early 19th Centuries, although several of her manuscripts were not published until after her death. Her most famous works include Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and Emma. I have developed this web site to provide some background information on her life as an author and her works. Within the Resources page, you will also note some information pertaining to the time period in which she lived. These sites include timelines for British history as well as sites on the manners and etiquette the ladies and gentlemen of her time period followed."

Here's a Homeschool Article from Mothering Magazine that was passed along to me recently. It has a great deal of research data backing up facts behind the myths related to homeschool... Homesschooling's true colors: investigating the myths—and the facts—about America's fastest-growing educational movement

"abcteach" is offering 3 months free of their membership. They have wonderful worksheets, etc...They even have middle school work. Go to the "abcteach" website and enter the promotion code : LMAG10 .

Here's a library book lover's dream-tool... OCLC's WORLDCAT (Worldwide Library Cooperative). I have not used it, but my friend Kelly says it is "FANTASTIC". Here's what she said in her email to me:
"Here's how it works:
search for any book or subject
they give you lists of books that are published
choose which one you want
enter your zip code and they tell you which libraries in your area have the book
If your library doesn't have it, just go to them and ask to do an ILL (inter-library loan) and they will get the book for you."

Amazing Sidewalk Art

Akiane: An 11 year old art prodigy who's paintings are so wonderful they can make you CRY


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