November 10, 2005

Pioneering the Fight for Parent's Rights: The Wernecke Family

Back in June, when my blog was young, I found out about Katie Wernecke and how she had been ruthlessly taken away from her parents by CPS (click HERE to read my previous posts: 1, 2, or 3). What crime had Katie's parent's committed to have their children taken away? They disagreed with a doctor's medical treatment suggestion and wanted to get another opinion for their cancer-stricken daughter. It made me so upset to hear of this case that I did what her father pleaded with readers of her blog to do... I wrote everyone from senators to famous people and newspapers, begging for everyone to stop the state from this tragic action against parental rights.

I was delighted to find that Katie has finally been returned to her family (five long months later), but like an innocent man suffering years he did not deserve in prison, there is no way to return these past five months to Katie or her loving parents. The destruction of liberty and freedom in our country is born of these seemingly small cases... although the case is a mountain of pain for the family trapped in it. The facts are simple. Katie Wernecke was wrongly taken prisoner by the State of Texas.

You should thank Katie, though. She is the sacrificial lamb on the alter of parental rights for the future of Texas, and likely America as well. Her case is going to the State Supreme Court. There, the bogus CPS charges of medical neglect (I pray), will be dismissed from her parent's record. I pray that Katie never has to live in another foster home, never has to have surgery and radiation that she does not want, and never has to feel the grief of being separated from her loving family again. My prayer is that the nutritional therapy she will receive will increase her chances of a quick healing (thus proving the money-hungry doctors WRONG). May she not suffer in the future from the radical radiation the doctors performed on her (against her will). I pray she has a long life, and that her case will wake us up from our comfortable apathy and return us to our senses. I pray that the Texas Supreme Court has the wits about them to see that we will not stand for this kind of parental rights violation by state or federal government.

I urge you to keep an eye on this case and let your thoughts be known to the authorities that be. Of course, the main authority being our Lord in Heaven - please remember to pray for Kate! You can keep tabs on Kate through her blog that includes the latest updates in her health, family life, and legal case: "Prayers for Katie".

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Fredi said...

Thanks for your heads-up! I gave you a hat tip on my post about Miss Katie.




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