November 04, 2005

Today's Texas, Homeschool & Blog Links

Today, I've got a park-day to get to know some moms here, but I had to stop in and leave a few great links I've come across:

1. For you Texas voters out there: In case you're an out-of-state voter like me... on an extended vacation, living in a hotel, whatever... here's a great post about the Texas Constitutional Bond Ammendments from Voice in the Wilderness. By the way, if you don't mail your ballot today or tomorrow, you'll miss your chance to vote. It is already too late to request a mail-out ballot... and early voting is over. Election day is the 8th! Get out and vote! But first, READ that POST!

2. For you parents and homeschoolers out there: Ever wanted to join something like American Girls for you daughter, but just felt like it wasn't such a great idea? I have. I have always wanted a Christian alternative to either club. Spunky Homeschool wrote a great post recently about an alternative to American Girls that sounds GREAT. I also will vouch for the great online book store she mentions in the post.

3. For you Christian Bloggers out there: I read a post yesterday about the 2006 Evangelical Blog Awards. Seems there's not enough interest regarding the awards for them to be put on this year. If you ARE interested, get on over to the Evangelical Underground and read the post that lists the nomination categories. Send Eric an email or comment to let him know what you think. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Have a super Friday! Hopefully tomorrow we'll be moving into our apartment and getting some rental furniture. Keep voting day in your prayers... and the people in India and Pakistan also.

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razorbackmama said...

Hope you enjoyed park day!!! It will be funny if we end up knowing some of the same people there. :-)

Had to chuckle about the thought of a park day though...we have a good chance of freezing rain/snow here....LOL!

Grizzly Mama said...

Oh THANK YOU for the link to Vision Forum! We received a catalog from them last year and LOST it. Both my husband and I loved it - looked like great products.

Thanks for taking the time to blog. Our prayers are with you and your family.



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