November 02, 2005

Woeful Wednesday

You might say that the inspection went dismally awry... or you could just say that we are two-hundred dollars lighter. I'd say that it was a well-spent two-hundred, though, considering the repair issues we would have been stuck with had we not hired someone today. The half-basement on this house had a crawl space behind it that faced the sloping hill the house was built on. Inside this space, we discovered a natural spring coming out of the ground, a pool of water and a muddy, broken sump pump, some foundation step-cracks in the concrete blocks holding up the garage, and a river and mud pit where the French drain under the garage entry was leaking under the house. Not to mention we found termite damage that was so extensive that the foyer floor and some other wood under the house would have to be replaced. The water heater was manufactured in 1977. It was rusting out from both ends and had a leak in a pipe. One of the sinks downstairs wasn't working, although the pipes looked new. There was no pantry (something I'm not sure how I overlooked the first two times we saw the house). Although the heater man was there to service the heater, and it did come on, he notified us that the unit was at least thirty years or older, and he knew it was only a matter of time before it needed to be replaced (to the tune of three or four thousand dollars). The roof also had some buckling because of poor ventilation, and there was some kind of animal droppings up there. The attic crawl space was very tiny, and the drainage on the back of the house needed to be revamped. The repairs were around or over ten thousand dollars worth - not including the barely functioning heating unit. For as much money as they were asking, we could have bought a slightly smaller NEW home, and saved ourselves the worry of never being able to re-sell it again. I don't want to be stuck out of state forever... and with our last house being in "NEW" condition and taking over eight months to sell... I'm just NOT feeling the love.

So, it looks like we're moving next door to some apartments near the hotel. I went by and looked at them today. Not a SUPER area, but not the ghetto, either. I'm considering this a credit card punishment... and a lesson learned. Cracker box it is.

On a light note (Lord knows I need to focus on the positives right now), I've been watching a particular tree out of the hotel window for two weeks now. When we pulled in the tree was green with the top leaves barely showing a slight orange tint. Over the days, the tree has been changing before our eyes. It is varying degrees of orange and red, and the top is almost entirely a cranberry wine color. Behind it, there is a tree that is entirely yellow. I've seen a lot of lovely red Japanese Maples as well. I think the tree outside our window is a Fruitless Pear Tree. We had two in our front yard at our last house. I am pretty sure those are not turning the same colors these are. I also saw a Monarch Butterfly this morning. It was soaring effortlessly like a bird. I am a butterfly lover, and I also love the autumn season.

Keep us in your prayers. I almost skipped blogging today because I've been a little somber. With the Lord's help, we will pull out of it soon!

Anyone else have the urge to eat a Special Dark Chocolate Bar?


Jan said...

Heather, It's hard to keep a stiff upper lip all the time, especially when your "adventure" has taken so many turns for the worse.
However, as you said, things would have been so much worse had you purchased without the inspection.
Still, I'm really sorry that the end to this phase of walking through the valley isn't in sight, yet. Keeping positive in your thinking is the only way to stay sane. I think you're doing an admirable job of that. I thought of a passage of Scripture that I think applies for you today:
"Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion...For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you." Psa.84:5-7,11-12

Jan said...

P.S. I always have the urge to eat chocolate.

Sheri said...

You'll find just the right house and everything about it will "feel right" when you come across it.

As for your somber mood, I am sure you are feeling a bit down, but hey, I spent yesterday reading your old posts, go back and reread them...look at the scare you came through and the way God brought you out of it.

Somber as you may feel, you can see God so clearly in your posts (In hindsight) and he's here now too.

Grizzly Mama said...

The payment for the inspection was money well spent! I'm so glad that you did it.

Hang in there. I eat a 'Take 5' almost every night about this time - YUM! That will have to stop soon, though.

The trees sound beautiful. I don't know what kind of tree that is that is red at the top like that in fall. I see a whole parking lot full of them driving down the Schuykill Expy - they are gorgeous. They remind me of apples. I love fall - my favorite season.

razorbackmama said...

Wow that sounds just like the house WE owned when we lived there!!! Sadly we did not get it inspected, however, since we bought it from my fil.



Sooooooo thankful you were spared the MESS!!!

MommyLydia said...

Man it really sounds like God doesn't want you to buy a house, with everything going wrong!

Anonymous said...

What state are you moving to? Maybe some of us live close by and can show you the local sites and get you out of the apt. from time to time. I'm in middle TN and found you on the KONOS website.
On another note, when my husband was deployed to D.C. 3 years ago, we moved into a 900 sq. ft. apt with him and we homeschooled from there. All 6 of us! We were cramped, sure, but it was the fact that we were TOGETHER and it was TEMPORARY that made it ok.

Sprittibee said...

I don't know what to say... I am so thankful for you fellow bloggie pals. Never thought I would find such a great group of buddies to share my joys and sorrows with. Thanks for commenting and checking up on us.

Jan - the prayers are making a difference... and the scripture was awesome. And, ME TOO on the chocolate.

Sheri - Thanks for reminding me to review what God has done so far.

Monicar - I'm with you on quitting the chocolate, and the tree is called a "Fruitless Pear". ME TOO on Fall being your favorite season.

Keer - That's why I always spring for the inspections... but I understand "trusting" your inlaws. We bought a flood home from ours at one time... and are just thankful that FEMA bought it from us after THREE floods. We never could have sold it.

My Boaz's Ruth - Yep. Three strikes and "yer out". I'm sure God is gently guiding us towards apartment living, like it or not. Who am I to question the Great I AM?

Kimberly - We're quite a drive from TN. I met another Konos mom in my area today, though. It was very nice. Tomorrow I'm attending a park day with a bunch of local HS Moms, also. I appreciate you sharing the apartment story. Sounds like I shouldn't be complaining with only two kiddos compared to your 6!!!! It will probably be a blessing in disguise! I have prayed that God would bond us together and create in each of us a god-inspired calling in our family... my husband being the rock and servant leader, myself being the educator and servant-helper, my son being a more disciplined and responsible eldest sibling, and my daughter being a christ-centered well-rounded student, sibling, and lady. Maybe these close quarters will force us to assume our roles?



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