December 22, 2005

Four More Reasons to Homeschool

I've been busy home-making, home-schooling, and digging out of our endless stack of paperwork. My grandma used to say "I can't wait to get to heaven, because there won't be paperwork there." Now I understand why she said this. Doing paperwork feels about as good as grinding your teeth down with a spoon would.

I have been getting some wonderful emails, though. Since we're out of town for Christmas for the first time ever, it is nice to get emails from friends. I may be one of the only ones who are actually in town this week. I responded to someone's "out of office response" today, I was so lonely. Now that, my friends, is pathetic.

I thought I would share with you a small homeschoolish epiphany I had today after accumulating a few email links and reading my husband's work schedule when he got home. Seems his company has put him on the "sucky-shift". That means he'll be getting differential, which is good... but let me put it first on my list below and you'll know what I mean.


1. When your husband gets notice that he'll be working 9-6 with TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY as his days off... you'll be glad you are homeschooling! If we weren't, he'd never see me or the kids. As it stands, we can just do school on Saturday, and part of Sunday, and we can alter our days off to fit HIS schedule.

2. The link speaks for itself: Will Your Kids Be Christian?

3. The link speaks for itself: Homeschooled Boy Wins National Science Contest

4. The link speaks for itself: District Will Abandon "Intelligent Design"

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas Season. We are still plugging ever so slowly away at our current Konos Unit, and thankful for our parents who have sent some money and gifts. I'm looking forward to making my Sweet-Potato BLISS for Christmas Day. We've been invited to a friend's house for lunch and we're taking that and a few other items with us. Thank the Lord for ALL his wonderful gifts He blesses us with all year long. I'm glad that my Lord is always celebrating Christmas.


rich glasgow said...

Hi Heather,
Your blog continues to get better and better. Just want you to know that I'm voting for you each day that I'm near a computer in all three catagories. Keep up the great work! Did you happen to see the story of the Arkansas family with 16 kids? My wife read it to me over the phone last nite...great story...great family setting an incredible example. If I were home I would link it. Anyway take care and I hope you win all three catagories!

Sprittibee said...

You are too sweet. Thanks a lot, and love the cat photos. I see we have one more thing in common.

Grizzly Mama said...

Amen to that, honey. ALL of it!

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

what a great post!
:) Jen

Sprittibee said...

Thank you Monicar and Jen. It's funny, you never know which posts will inspire people. When I wrote this one, it was an afterthought and I was really just passing on interesting links I got via email! :) Glad it has helped others.



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