December 03, 2005

Jews Defending Christmas

YES, were talking about CHRISTMAS - not "Season" or "Holiday". Don't you just get miffed at those politically correct greetings you get each year in your mailbox? Check out The Freedom Monkey House and read his side-splitting post about making Christmas Dissenters shut up.

And to my Jewish brothers and sisters, "May EL SHADDAI bless you for your brotherhood and goodwill!" Shalom from your sister who serves Him, too!

*hint to green blog-readers... click the title of this post to see the Fox News Video, then pick your browser speed and turn your volume up.*

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Anonymous said...

That's funny. I always believed that the State you guys live in is in the same time zone were we live...
"be back in Sunday night "... !!!!
As far as I can see, you posted early in the morning. We got up to go to church, and I checked the news, weather, my favorite cartoon, and your blog, and there it was, a post that must have sneaked from your keyboard, and it was 8:45AM in Texas !
Could not resist, uhu ?

That's cool, your posts are always interesting to read, and your collection of links is a gold mine for homeschoolers and believers alike.
Keep it up !
God Bless you guys !

Sprittibee said...

It is the same time zone here. Sorry about breaking my post-fast. I just had to stop in Saturday because we were having a PLAY-DAY. I only did one thing on my list the whole day (aside from making a small dent in the laundry pile, which I am wondering if I'll ever be able to check off... there's as much today as I started with Friday... and it is just multiplying as I sit here not looking at it).

I posted in the middle of the day most likely... but not sure. It was Saturday morning, I think. Thanks for the compliment. Kev was playing Star Wars Battlefront, and the kids drug out every toy they have here and set up "amusement parks" all over their room. It took the rest of the weekend to clean up the mess.

Hopefully I'll get the checkbook done tonight. We went to an awesome Christmas party for the 20's class at our church. No, I'm not 20, but they are a great group, and helped us move into our apartment... so we've kind of been taken in (as the old couple in the group). :) BUT, we miss you guys a lot!

Tell the rest of the Gs that we love them. God bless Texas.



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