December 30, 2005

Lamby Links


The photo above is of the kids acting out Psalm 23. They were allowed complete creative license to "design" their own costumes and props. The shepherd's staff ended up being a coat hanger shoved into a rolled up map! It is amazing what kids come up with. The still waters were a blue down blanket. The green pastures were a fluffy green synthetic fur blanket that my daughter pretended to "graze" on. She wore grey and black socks on her hands and feet, and covered herself with a white fur boa and a white throw blanket. She made a cute (although somewhat thrown-together looking) sheep. Kaden was the shepherd. I helped him tie the pillow case on, and he abandoned the green throw blanket robe because it restricted his arms. He was way ahead of his time with the Star Wars logo brightly shining from his t-shirt. They acted out the entire verse and read it to me.

I wanted to share some great links we have found also. I especially like the sheep shearing video. I'm still hoping to gather up the things we need for the llama craft I linked in an earlier post. I think the kids have enjoyed this unit, especially since it has been over Christmas break, and we have let them have time off from the "worksheet" part of school - which is the part they hate. Maybe they will be more willing students in that area after this nice break. Happy sheep-studying, and Happy New Year 2006 my bloggie-friends!

Sheep Links

Chic Sheep Craft from Family Fun

Wooly Sheep Craft (Ornaments) from Family Fun

Sheep Egg from Family Fun

Shrinking Sheep (depth perception in art) from Family Fun

Sheep Cake from Family Fun

Wolf and Sheep (game of Tag) from Family Fun

Away in a Manger (sheep version) from Family Fun

Silly political sheep song

Awesome sheep shearing video

American Sheep Statistics and Information (great for use in mapping the top five sheep raising states like we did)

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Unknown said...

What a great pic! Thanks for the linkies, I'll have to check them out asap (love sheep). Psalm 23 is near and dear to our hearts, and it's the first Scripture portion our kids memorized. I'll have to show them this pic (I'm sure it will inspire them).

Also, I just completed my tag.;-) Thanks!
Happy New Year!

Sprittibee said...

Hey Beth! Glad you are back from the holidays. I really was inspired by your "Presents and Presence" post. I linked it on a post a week or so ago. Thanks for the note. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. I linked your blog from mine so I could get here easier.

I see you have some handsome little men:)

I'll see you around.

BTW, I'm having a little contest if your interested.


0:) Amber

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Amber.



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