December 11, 2005

Last Chance to Nominate Me!

Just peeped in at Spunky's site and she's wrapping up the Homeschool Blog awards very soon. If you love me, and you want to help me get a little triffle for my side-bar to make me feel important, please stop over at her place and nominate me for one of the Homeschool BEST categories.


Anonymous said...

Just voted for you! Love ya,

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Amanda. :) How sweet.

rich glasgow said...

Either I'm a moron or they make it very difficult to figure out where to vote or both. Can't find the polling place. Got any tips?

Jan said...

You've got my vote.

Sprittibee said...

Hi Rich. You scroll down to the bottom of the link I provided (in comments), and type:

Best Homeschool... category... and then my link:

:) Thanks for trying!


Jan, thank you very much!

EVERYONE: Thanks for the vote... I was just whining, and not expecting anyone to really take me up on it! :) You guys are the best.

Kristin said...

Hello! I nominated and voted for you :) I love reading your blog.

~Spunky Jr.



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