December 28, 2005

My Mountain

Had to share this link for today... went out to dinner last night (so I'll have to cook the fried rice and sesame chicken for dinner today instead) at the Cracker Barrel. I just love them, and I forgive them for changing the menu and dropping that lovely chicken and rice dish they served once a week as a special. Morgan really wants that talking Parrot they have in the gift store.

I'm sorry for not getting to the posts I promised... hopefully I will tonight. Until then, please go read this wonderful post by SpunkyHomeschool about Climbing Mt. Homeschool. It was just the encouragement I needed today.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.... more books on sheep!


razorbackmama said...

Oh how I miss Cracker Barrel. We don't have any out here. I think the nearest one is 200 miles away. BOO HOO!!!!!!!

(And no Sonic either! Wahhhh)

Sprittibee said...

Yes, they are wonderful. :)



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