January 24, 2006

Whiskers on Kittens

In honor of the Sound of Music and it's whimsical song that I can't help but hum as I see the words "favorite things" together... Jan at The Joy of the Lord is my Strength has tagged me to respond with my own list. Quite honestly, she probably tagged me before Christmas, but for one reason or another, I never was able to get to posting this... and it got buried on my desktop.

So here goes...
A Few of My Favorite Things
(which should be interesting at 1:47AM)...

1. My favorite color:

A color I call FIRE (bright orange-red). Preferably with metallic sparkles. I love the color of the mandarin garnet. If I were to go out for a date on the town with my husband to someplace nice, I would wear something black and this color lipstick. Which reminds me that it's been too long since we actually did go out on a date.

2. My favorite smells:

My children's heads
(I know this sounds funny... but ever since they were babies, I would burry my face in their little heads. It's a mom thing.)

Gardenias (fresh from the bush or in colognes or candles)

Michael Kors cologne for women

Hazelnuts (roasted)

Baking cookies

3. My favorite sounds:

Music - all kinds

When my children say "I love you, Mommy."

My husband's laugh

4. My favorite tastes:

Indian foods

Lebanese foods

Grande Decaf Hazelnut Latte or Frappuccino at Starbucks

Home made chocolate chip cookies (or just the dough)

Anything from the Cheesecake Factory's menu

Thai Massaman Chicken Curry, Thai Fried Rice and Thai Tea (with plenty of hot spice sprinkled on top of the curry)

5. My favorite texture:

The belly of a long-haired, warm, friendly, cuddly, purring cat. Oh, how I miss my Pug. God speaks to me through cats. I feel His warm, loving smile when a cat crawls up on my bed and lies down on top of my covers and me... slowly cleaning itself. The purring and motion of paws and whiskers rocks me to sleep.

6. My favorite things to watch:

Fireworks (have to steal that from you, Jan)

My children learning something new

My husband and myself growing in the Lord together over time

7. My favorite times of day:

Time with the Lord (which I need to make more of)

KONOS moments when we are learning together (the children and I or the whole family) and doing fun projects or field trips... hands on learning and fun with the kids!

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Anonymous said...

Oh...I love the smell of babies heads...and my own kids heads. So sweet. (As long as the puberty kids take showers that is)

Anonymous said...

Hi, You really do have quite a set up here. I have 2 dumb questions for you: 1. What is Blogroll? 2. I can't get the tert??? tag thingie on my blog. I punched in the code, but it won't show up. Can you help me?

About your list, have you ever had Armenian food? It's very similar to Lebenese food. I love the rice with the potatoes on the bottom, I always forget the name...have you ever had it?

I hope to see you around:)

God Bless,

Sprittibee said...

Sheri - Yuck. Puberty. Wish my kids could stay young forever.

Amber - Thanks. A blogroll is a techie kind of desert... NO, really... a blogroll is a place where you or someone else saves a group of links to other people's blogs. I have personal blogrolls (links which I have found myself and added to my sidebar) and I have group blogrolls which are hosted by another blog that I have requested to be a part of because of shared interests (homeschooling, cat-lovers, etc.). There are as many types of group blogrolls as there are types of groups you can imagine. I'm still looking for a good food/recipe blogroll. Check out blogrolling.com and open up an account. You can create your own "favorites list" of blogs you like there. When you want to put it on your blog, you simply copy the code they give you on blogrolling.com and paste it in your template.

Not sure what you mean by "tert" tag thingie. Maybe Technorati Tags? To use Technorati Tags, you must first sign in and get a Technorati account. Technorati.com is the website to visit. Then, you can click the tags tab and look up tags about things you normally post about on your blog. Tags are used to "ping" Technorati.com and let them know that you posted about a certain topic so that others can read your post if they are interested in that topic. I don't get a lot of visitors from this process, but a few do stop by just because of the tags I post. I would say that my recipe blog gets more hits because of tagging... but then I have not had much time to check on stats lately... so I could be wrong. You don't have to use tags to blog.

When your code isn't working, check it to make sure you are using beginning and closing tag stoppers like: < and >. Also, if you start something, you must post an opposite closing tag... such as... (a href... and then (/a. I didn't use the closing > on either of them (and you must use a < instead of a (... so this code wouldn't work on my site. You can check out webmonkey.com for general html cheat codes for novice web design hobbyists. They also have a nice color cheat chart.

I have not had Armenian food. I'd love some recipes if you want to email them to me personally. My email address is on my profile. We love international foods.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.



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