February 15, 2006

Fired Up Homeschool Projects

Ever wonder what to do with all those piles of projects that the children are so attached to? Yes, the toilet paper kangaroos from your Australia studies, the cardboard totem pole from your NW Coast Indians studies, the pressed leaves from your plant studies, the melted crayon art, the dinosaur shadow boxes, the planet mobiles, the clay volcano, the collages for the seasons, and the castle made of appliance boxes... all of these would take up more than their share of square footage in your home if you allowed the kids to keep all of them. Especially if you use KONOS (Christian character based unit study curriculum), you tend to attract STUFF... and with a limited amount of storage space in your house, eventually, you HAVE to get rid of it.

Another Konos mom emailed me a great idea for getting rid of this "project clutter" and yet making it memorable at the same time. Here's her awesome idea:
"... we have been using Konos for almost 4 years, and the collections of well-loved projects do build up in our little house. Every season, we photograph the projects for our scrapbook and then... have a big bonfire on the beach! It's really neat to hear my daughter talk about her memories of each project, as we add them to the fire."
So there it is! What a great idea!!! We have already started making photos of our favorite projects (especially the edible ones like the potato volcanoes and the Jell-O election map). This would be a fun way of helping the kids get to the point that they are WILLING to part with all these creations.


Sprittibee said...

Thanks for that extra idea, Bev. I also hung my KONOS timeline in the garage last year when we ran out of wall space. Wish I still had that garage... but hopefully we'll get one sooner or later. :)

Hey terrible speller. Nice to see your purdy smile in here.

Anonymous said...

We just started KONOS! Love it. Anyway, I put up each artwork for the season on a bulletin board in our classroom and then at the end of the season (Fall only so far) I will take a photo of all the projects for our scrapbook. Right now we have Winter up but I will be taking a photo of it soon and putting up Spring next! Yeah! Sue in FL



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