February 11, 2006

Valentines Day Graphics

I thought I would share some of my favorite web graphics with you as an early Valentine present. If you copy them (the graphics below), please DON'T LINK TO THIS SITE (or I'll end up getting shut down for lack of bandwidth). Right Click and SAVE TO YOUR OWN COMPUTER. I visited a great site that has some neato graphics and explains the reason why you shouldn't steal someone's bandwidth. If you don't understand, click the icon below and go find out! By the way, the Big BEE is from BEV who is sooooo talented. I scanned it in many years back. Thanks BEV!!!

We spent our morning making out cards, filling out envelopes, sticking stickers and stamps, and licking them. We rushed down to the mailbox and caught the mailman just before he closed up the boxes and left. I'm hoping that the cards get where they are headed in time. With my son's birthday and my neck problems, I was totally not prepared for the date creeping up on me like that.

We're going to a Valentines Day party next Tuesday with friends here. We might make a craft or two from Family Fun's website if we have the supplies on hand also. Daddy's days off this week are a little different, so our days off for next week will be Sunday and Monday. If we have time, we might do crafts Monday while Daddy is home. Hop over to Family Fun and see what kind of neat Valentines Crafts they have this year. You won't be sorry!

Happy Valentines!


buggymug said...

Well aren't you a sweetie for sharing, and for saving that little bee all this time. LOL! I looked at it and thought, "Hmmm, that looks familiar!". Now I remember! I still think of you every time I see anything bee-ish. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!


MommyLydia said...

It somewhat depends on the author too. Some artists prefer you link to their site than copy -- because then they get the credit for their work

Sprittibee said...

Bug - :) *awww shucks* Now your bee will be famous. :)

MyBoaz'sRuth - It's OK - Bev sent that bee to me on an envelope or postcard a long time ago... it was one of her casual drawings that she's so great at. I don't think she has a website. :) Plus, I knew she would be in here to see it... and wanted her to know that I loved it and had saved it all this time. :) I do agree, though... if I drew something and had it on my own website (which I do have a few things on a different website), I would rather someone link to my site to view it (or at least put a hyper-link under the photo and point to it in the surrounding text). I try and give credit where credit is due in all aspects of my blogging.



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