March 06, 2006

Getting My Groove Back

I finally got some fire under my rear quarters and started heavily praying for my "groove" to come back. I'm delighted to say that God STILL answers prayers. I got my paperwork sorted, my pantry and fridge stocked, my menu mostly made, and best of all: MY SCHEDULE REVAMPED!!! I am so excited, I can hardly sleep. That's precisely why I am up at 1:08 AM telling you poor neglected blog-readers about it.

Yep, I re-did this year's KONOS Schedule and have it all set to dates. Tomorrow and Tuesday are my "weekend", so I plan to get my next four week unit laid out and planned in detail. I feel a surge of determination to get everything crammed in and done. Now if only I could tackle my soon-to-be gym membership with the same gusto!

Here's the line-up for the rest of the year for us:

March 8-April 1…
ORDERLINESS: Planets/Seasons/Measuring/Counting
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 3/13/1781 - Uranus Discovered, 3/17 - St. Patty’s Day, 3/20 - First Day of Spring)

April 4-15…
ORDERLINESS: Animal Classification
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 4/3/1860 - Pony Express Established, 4/7 - World Health Day, Math Education Month, 4/13 - Passover, 3/15/1452 – Leonardo DiVinci’s Birthday (who loved to draw horses), 3/16 - Easter, and Standardized Testing)

April 18-29…
ORDERLINESS: Plant Classification
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 4/28 – Arbor Day, 5/5 – Cinco De Mayo, 5/7/1840 – Tchaikovsky’s Bday)

May 9-27…
STEWARDSHIP: Nutrition/Rest/Exercise/Fun
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 5/12 – Limerick Day/Edward Lear’s Birthday, 5/13 – Astronomy Day, 5/14 – Mother’s Day, 5/18/1980 – Mt. St. Helens Erupted, 5/20 – Armed Forces Day, 5/25 – Halley’s Comet appeared in 1531)

May 30-June 10…
STEWARDSHIP: Ecology/Conservation (leftovers from last year)
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 5/29 – Memorial Day, 6/2 – Dinosaur Day, Safety Month)

June 13-17…
STEWARDSHIP: Time (leftovers from last year)
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 6/14/1777 – Flag Day/Betsy Ross, 6/15 – Arkansas Admission Day, 6/18 – Father’s Day)

June 20-July 1…
STEWARDSHIP: Careers/Money/Possessions
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 6/21 – First Day of Summer)

July 3-15…
TRUST: Floating/Ships
(Other celebrated events/learning opportunities in this timeframe are: 7/4 – July 4th, July 15 – Last Day of School, Party for End of School or Reward Trip)


Sheri said...

Wahoo!! So you could have titledthe post 'How Spritti got her groove back'.

Gracie said...

Just popping in to say hi :) Great you've got your groove back!

Wasn't sure if you were getting my emails, but I reckon with all you've had on your plate it's probably the last thing on your mind. Will talk to you soon - take care!

Douglas said...

So, Ms. "Got Her Groove Back," is Pluto a planet? What say ye?

Fatcat said...

LoL. I just re-vamped my schedule too and I'm excited about it! We're combining orderliness and patience right now and doing a huge plant unit, which is fun. Love Konos.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Sheri. :) I needed that Wahoo!!

Faraja - NOOO. I have NOT been getting your emails! :) sprittibee at or !!! :) I've been missing you!

Hmmm... Pluto is small... and orbits rather oddly... but my favorite planet is Saturn (I've always said I was from the outer ring there), and my second favorite is Jupiter. I love those "gas giants"... and my husband would smart off with a comment of his own, but I'll not repeat that here!

Fatcatpaulanne - Love your kitty! Great minds think alike! We had the 2 plant units scheduled for this year, but living in an apartment, I figured we would have relatively little chance to actually garden... so we scrapped Patience all-together.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you sound SO MUCH like me! I love peeking through your blog. How on earth do you find time to do this? Well, I suppose I do spend a good hour in my pen and paper journal every night. Lol. I'm glad you got your "groove" back.

Sprittibee said...

You know, what is so funny... is that although I got my groove back, I ditched that lesson plan for the most part. The REVAMPED schedule of last year just kept on being revamped. We spent the entire rest of the school year on Planets and Seasons. *sheepish grin* So this year we are avoiding rabbit trails!



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