March 02, 2006



Thursday Challenge this week was "Black and White". I have quite a few favorite photos in this category... but this one was calling out to be chosen tonight.

This is a picture of my dad. Aint he purdy? My son looks so much like him that it's scary! Not only is my son the spitting image of my father, he also ACTS like him (mannerisms). I guess I do, too. When I don't have my make-up on, my husband calls me "Mikey" sometimes when I make an expression that resembles my dad. I think genetics are really neat. I love looking at people in the mall and matching the kids to the parents to see who looks like who in the family. My husband calls the both of us "people watchers" (Not the freaky kind which stalk you, of course!).

My dad is a little on the crazy side, but I think that is one of his best qualities. He passed this on to me, you see!

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