March 07, 2006

Modern Day Parody of Serfdom

This is an actual conversation at the dinner table... er, in the great hall tonight. Names have not been changed to protect the participants from the parent's... er, feudal lordship's retribution.

Doing a bit of charades and mumbling with sound effects, Morgan mimed to her brother who had confidently told us that he could “decipher” what she was saying since he spoke “Morgan”. After a few humorous noises and gestures, Kaden said, “She said Darth Vader was going to come through the door and chop our heads off.”

We figured he might be about right since she had thrown in the heavy breathing Vader-Mask sound. So, trying not to laugh, I said, “Oh, yeah? Well I speak Daddy. I can decipher what he’s saying, too.”

Daddy made the gestures of eating a few more bites and I told Morgan that he said, “Eat your enchiladas right now, or else.”

She grimaced.

Then, I told the kids that Daddy could speak ‘Mommy’ and that he would tell Kaden what I was saying. I made the motions for washing dishes and wiping the table off. Kaden rolled his eyes since he knew where I was going. “Can Morgan help?” He pleaded.

“She can help you after she finishes eating.” I said.

He grumbled, “Awww.”

Daddy smiled and said, “You know, Mommy… we should have a few more kids since there would be about eight years between them and when they go off to college, we’ll…”

“Need a few more slaves?” I finished his sentence for him.

“Yeah. Plus, in a few more years, they’ll be learning to cook, so we can just sit back and let them be the parents and we can be the grandparents.” He replied.

“Yeah”, I said, playing along with his game. “We can have two more kids and let them help with diapers, stay up late, change and feed them, and burp and spit them…”

By now the kids have eyes as big as saucers and they are shaking their heads to indicate ‘NO’.

“No WAY.” Kaden piped up, “I don’t do diapers.”

“So what is your wife going to say when you tell her that?” I asked him.

“Oh, that’s easy. I’ll be going to WORK.” He said.

Daddy and I laughed. “WORK?!?!?” I said (so he must think I'm a cream-puff - what's he call what I do around here?). “I’ll remember that so I can tell any girl you decide to marry that and scare her off.”

“No!!!!” He whines and grovels at my feet with his hands clasped together. “Please don’t.”

So there you have it folks. The making of a chauvinist - what ever happened to chivalry and servant leadership (as in Christ - who washed the feet of sinners). Surely Jesus would have changed a diaper had he fathered earthly children. Who would have thought that my Christian-raised son... er, vassal would shirk the honorable duties of his own house... er, castle!? I’ve got my work cut out for me, eh? This conversation happened just weeks after Kaden told his, King (who was doing the dishes at the time), “So now you know how I feel.”

Kids, er... Serfs these days!

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Mycrazylife said...

Hey ADD mom! I'd be glad to have some cyber coffee!

And boy oh boy, I am glad I have girls, although I hear boys are easier. I don't know if I would be able to teach them to be good Godly men who are great husbands and fathers. Manly but sensitive and compassionate. I guess I'm clueless when it comes to boys.

Blessings, mycrazylife aka sarahbelle

Anonymous said...

Travails of an Indian mother


That was an interesting post. One could see your feeling in the post. Keep it coming

Though I may NOT agree to all what your said, your blog brought back lots of old memories and thoughts about my COUNTRY, INDIA, our society, friends and relatives, Jessica Lall et all

While we as world citizens think that Justice and equality are the most important cornertones of a civil society, does the ground reality reflect that ?

We feel that friendship, love, affection and above all our family is very important in shaping our lives and thoughts. To most of us, a mother, the epitome of love and sacrifice, plays and important role

But what happens when the same mother is denied justice in her own family ?

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Anonymous said...

Heather, that was too cute! It is interesting, however, to read how those from other cultures might perceive it. Love ~ Patricia

Anonymous said...

tres' funny; i like it.

Sprittibee said...

Sarahbelle - I am so pumped. I tried something different today that really helped my ADD issues with homeschooling. I tried just sitting WITH the kids the entire day at the table instead of giving them independent work. Guess what?!! We got a TON done today. Wow. I guess you have to be a rocket scientist (or just a normal person without ADD) to figure that one out.

Vinayak - I didn't mean to offend anyone. I was just joking around in my post. We joke with the kids about how we had them just as slaves. We certainly don't feel that way, though. We love them dearly and they are great kids. We make them do chores equally - boy and girl alike. Although I do most of the housework and educating of the kids, my husband loves to read to them, play with them, go with us on field trips to learn new things, and is very involved with discipline and daily affairs. I am a very interested to read your blog. I have a little boy in India that I write to often. He is part of the Compassion project and they support thousands of Indian children so that their parents can send them to school and pay for their meals/birthday gifts/Christmas presents and field trips/etc. We eat Indian Food all the time. I absolutely love it. I hope that I can visit India one day. I hope you will come back and visit the blog. I will go by and check yours out.

Patricia - just good clean fun. :) Glad you liked it.

Jen - Hi girlie. I haven't seen you in a while. I'm limiting my computer time to night-time to help in my "simplification" quest. Life is getting much better since I've started limiting distractions. I do miss reading and blogging, though. So, I sneak a quick trip on the internet before bed.

I'm getting really tired. Hope I can come up with something interesting to post about for tomorrow... or maybe I'll just skip a day.



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