March 29, 2006

More Random Links...

I have a few more links saved up that I wanted to share (some are old, I warn you) with those who might have not seen them yet. Thanks for the prayers for those of you who have prayed for my mom and my son. Kaden woke up feeling better today. He just has a runny nose and a small infrequent cough today (no more sore throat)! I'm glad it wasn't strep like I had worried about (since the neighbor had strep a month ago). God is good. Enjoy these links! Have a great Wednesday. We're enjoying a day off school with Daddy today.



Great Bush article for you Christian Bush fans.


Just in case any of you haven’t seen the Iraqi advertisements that the Kurdish people put on after the “war” was over, you really should check this site out. You can keep up to date with developments in the region by regularly viewing.... and – Keep Iraq in your prayers!


Interesting article about the resurrection of retro gaming. Remember all those great arcade games? Well, it’s interesting how they all have made it out of the melted toys and forgotten warehouses of plastic junk. Read up!


If you are interested in helping out a good cause, please consider Trevor’s Footsteps. Trevor Aston was killed in Iraq a little over a year ago… while serving with the United States Marine Corps. Some of Trevor's friends have started a charity that is already up and running, sending shoes to kids that need them.

Here’s what his Mom said in the email that was sent to me by a family member who knew him:

“Your sweet face is burned in my memory. The light of my life.....I was always proud of the way you lived your life, but never more than now. As I once watched over you, you now watch over me. Thank you Lord for allowing me to have him for 32 wonderful years. You will always be my hero.”

Trevor’s memory lives on in the ministry that aims to help others just as Trevor did while he was alive.

I also sent this info to Phil over at Camp Katrina, so you might hear about it over there as well.


Thanks to Danny over at (linked in my homeschool blogroll on the sidebar) for this article:
Think twice before you apply that foundation, ladies! Click and read to find out just what may be hiding in your make-up jar.

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