March 09, 2006

Thursday Challenge: Nature


I captured this butterfly near Austin at a Butterfly Center somewhere in Central Texas. What a fun field trip that was. I am sure I can come up with more photos in the future for my Field Trip Foto Friday Project that has temporarily been put on hold. This was the prize photo of the day, though.... well at least the one that didn't include my kids! Of course, this is only a small blown up portion of the picture. There are other wildflowers in the photo that are pretty as well which I had to cut out for blog space purposes. I thought I would post this in honor of the coming spring. I look forward to seeing our new state in full bloom.


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terrible speller said...

so beautiful.

rich glasgow said...

Great shot! Was this, per chance, taken at the butterfly sanctuary at Wild Seed Farms near Luchenbach?

Sprittibee said...

Sorry so late on the comments, guys. I've been feeling un-blogish lately. I really am being whiney. I want to re-design the blog and can't afford a designer (and don't have the know how myself just yet). So... I've been reading design blogs and trying to learn code instead of blogging. Maybe someday I'll be a web designer.

Thanks Terrible Speller!

Rich - Nope, the photo actually came from a place that's near Dripping Springs (outside of Austin)... It's called Wild Connections.



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