April 17, 2006

Easter Eggs and an All-Seasons Tree

All-Seasons Tree Craft
We went out hunting for sticks that had nice twigs to hang ornaments from and brought them back to our apartment. Then we cleaned them up and cut off any undesired branches and made sure they were about the same length. We put a blue piece of tissue paper into a vase and some rocks at the bottom to keep it steady, and stuck each one in to arrange the "tree". Now, as we study the seasons, we can hang an ornament on the tree for each season, each birthday for our family, and each holiday we learn about. This idea came from KONOS, but I have also had inspiration from two other sources that will inspire you. Check out LJC's Valentine Tree and Family Fun's Mother's Day Arrangement.


No Easter would be complete without dying eggs. This is really not a craft that you have to see to do... but I thought I would share our photos just for fun. The kids enjoyed doing an experiment with the options on the package. The brown eggs are ones we emptied and rinsed for another craft that we've not yet tackled.

eggdye06 egghollow06 eggpot06

Cup 1: 3 Tbsp Vinegar with Orange Tab.... Egg = Orange
Cup 2: 1 Tbsp Vinegar/2 Tbsp Lemon Juice with Yellow Tab.... Egg = Yellow
Cup 3: 1 Tbsp Vinegar/2 Tbsp Water with Red Tab... Egg = Bright Pink
Cup 4: 3 Tbsp Lemon Juice with Green Tab... Egg = Blue Green
Cup 5: 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice/2 Tbsp Water with Blue Tab... Egg = Pale Blue
Cup 6: 3 Tbsp Water with Purple Tab... Egg = Pink
Mix Cup 1 and 2 (yellow and orange mix)... Egg = Red (our favorite!)
Mix Cup 4 and 5 (blue and green)... Egg = Green
Mix Cup 3 and 6 (pink and purple)... Egg = Lavender-ish Pink
Mix Cup 1,2,3,6 (yellow, orange, pink and purple - made a BLACK liquid!)... Egg = Carnation Pink (our 2nd fave!)


Of course, the children weren't finished after the eggs were dyed (along with our finger-tips). They wanted to paint. So they did. Glitter everywhere! They put the eggs back in the refrigerator to scare daddy when he took them out to make scrambled eggs the next morning. We had them for lunch yesterday and made a colorful egg salad (the dye had leaked a bit through the egg shells in spots). Yum! The kids decided they don't like egg salad. Oh, well. I do! They will eat the rest of the eggs boiled with just a dash of salt and pepper, though. We love eggs.



Anonymous said...

Did you try deviled eggs? My kids can't get enough of those.

CUTE tree! Did you blow out one of the eggs and use it for your first decoration? Here's a link on how to blow out eggs, http://www.20ishparents.com/holiday/blow.shtml, I used to do it as a kid all the time.

Found your blog via your link on AusHmEd Discuss! Looks like fun :)

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for the comments sundrops. I haven't tried the blowing out thing. LJC (linked on my post with the Valentine Tree) left a hint about using a baby boogar sucker to suck out the egg, and that sounds much better than blowing to me! :) I have not tried either one, though. Thanks for visiting and stop by each day for new content, photos, lesson plans and more.

Deviled eggs sound divine! I should have thought of that! (slapping my forehead) *grin*



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