April 28, 2006

Links to Check Out

I've been enjoying the sunshine up here and these wonderful 60-low 70 degree breezes. Yesterday we picked strawberries and had home-made strawberry shortcake with my friend Lori. It has been hard to stick to a school schedule with the best of Spring's weather beckoning outside. Next week we're going to try and get our field trip in to go camp for the night and see the stars through a huge telescope. The following week is the Texas Arlington Book Fair. I emailed the McCords who put on the event every year, and asked them out of curiosity how many homeschoolers they average at the event. Her answer?

About 4,200 adults and 1,800 kids.

That's a lot of homeschoolers! No wonder they are willing to shut the park down at Six Flags to accommodate the homeschool families! Some are even from out of state. I wonder what the biggest homeschool event is in the nation? I bet this one is close to being IT.

I'm not feeling like sitting here to type today.... Kevin is off and we're on our way to eat breakfast out for a change. He changed his days so we could get a Saturday off this week and we're excited to have some time with Daddy. I'll leave you with these links I typed up earlier this week to share:


I've been meaning to read Christine Miller's Blog because she has a great Beating Homeschool Burnout series. Go check that out if you are like me and have the Spring Playing Hookies!

If you are interested in an awesome story of triumph for a seriously wounded soldier and a testimony to his mother's love.... Alan's Angels is the story for you. Alan's complete story (worth the thirty minutes it takes to read it) at the Washington Post article which is linked on his site. Be prepared (you'll need a box of tissue).

I can't remember if I've posted this link before, but I certainly needed to read this article again: Am I Really Supposed to be Homeschooling? by Crosswalk.

Dana over at Principled Discovery invited me to join HomeschoolschoolBuzz.com's Blog Watch, and I checked their site out earlier this week. They have a lot of talented bloggers that are being piped into their main page! Thanks, Dana!

Since I've been neglecting my food blog for so long, I thought I'd make it up to my friend Meena at Hooked on Heat and link her blog here as well. I love Indian Food, and she has a lot of very interesting recipes. She just moved her site and re-did her template, and it looks great. All her old recipes from the last site are probably linked somewhere! I'm going to link her on my other blog when I get time to sit and type out the recipe stack I have waiting to be posted! Headmistress, zookeeper at The Common Room has tagged me (ever so long ago), to fill out a kitchen meme. I'm working on getting to this, but I think I'll put the answers on Gathering Manna! Check there early next week and maybe I'll be posting there again!

Here's a neat link I've been wanting to explore myself, but have not had time yet. I thought I would share it with you all: MSN Kids and Money

Resolution Check! How have your plans to exercise and loose weight turned out so far for your January '06 Resolutions? It's nearly half way through the year and most people are loosing steam. Here's an article to help you get your exercise goals back on the jogging trail: The Best Time to Do Everything by Prevention.com

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Hanley Family said...

Thanks for the link...and congratulations on being accepted! When I first saw the blogwatch, I was surprised you weren't already there since they were looking for homeschoolers who talk mostly about homeschooling : )

Sprittibee said...

:) Thanks Dana. I had never seen them before. I tend to get off the computer after I spend my hour on the blog (posting)... and I usually read blogs only on my days off from homeschooling (like today). When Kevin is off work on the "weekends" he usually plays some computer games with the kids... and I use that time to check out what everyone else is talking about. :)

I highly recommend reading through the archives of Christine Miller's Homeschool Burnout Section (they are in her January Archives). I read through them again this morning. She has a great head on her shoulders and a heart for the Lord. :)

Sprittibee said...

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