May 06, 2006

Sprittibee's Politics: Immigrant Issue

Normally, I shy away from talking too much about politics here because my main focus on this blog is homeschooling and raising your kids. That isn't because I don't HAVE an opinion, of course... but rather because of my desire to convey GOD's opinion through my lips. I take my words seriously (most of the time) and try not to say anything that would go against scripture. I am a conservative Christian and like YOU, I worry about our country and take in the news every day through blogs or the internet. Lately it seems that everyone is talking about the border. As a Texan, I have been watching very closely to see how the "Mexican Immigrant Issue" plays out. It hits close to home when most of my life has been spent in a state who's population is now a majority Latino. I grew up with Hispanic friends all my life and I love Mexican Food and Spanish Paella with chorizo.

In my own limited view, I completely understand the desire to have a better life - the American dream. I want the people of the world to have peace and prosperity. Not only in Mexico and the United States, but every country. I want the same blessing that I have to be extended across the globe to all the people of the world. Yet in my desire for others to have peace and prosperity, I also want to protect the peace and prosperity of my own family. I believe that we HAVE A DUTY to secure our borders and require those who DESIRE to come to America to do so LEGALLY. Let's face it... ALL of us are immigrants. The LEGAL IMMIGRANTS are AMERICANS who deserve their own country and should be able to protect it. If we do not have borders, then we are not a country. We aren't "Mexi-Canad-America". Mexico, Canada and America EACH deserve the right to be sovereign and control the influx of foreigners to their shores while protecting their citizens and way of life.

I was looking for a statistic on the population in the state of Texas today when I ran across a site called Latino Pundit. What I saw there disturbed me. There was a Hispanic man who wrote some ugly comments about whites in Texas. He said that he was glad they were a minority and they were all bigots. He said he wishes that the entire USA would be filled up with mostly Hispanics. This opinion is the kind that we need to guard against. Who cares what color we are if we all are Texans and Americans? Are we really so different? Are we really fighting for a different cause? Life and liberty is the same no matter what color you are. I replied to his post in a comment there if you wanted to go and read it.

In my research for a respectable way to broach this subject, I have learned a lot of history that is not taught in public schools in this country (another reason I'm glad I homeschool). I learned a lot about the Hispanic contributions to the United States, the view of others on this issue, the Hispanic vote in Texas, and the Mexican-American War. It pays to be educated and know our past so that we are less likely to repeat our mistakes. We should all search out the entire issue before we utter derogatory comments about others or idle words. God says in the last days, we will be held accountable for every word that flows from our lips. I would hope that this issue does not divide our country and that we can all seek a peaceful resolution that will be good for AMERICA and HER people (after all, this is an AMERICAN policy we are discussing - not a Mexican one). Being a Christian, I don't wish that any blood should be shed... but I know that the end result is in God's hands. I pray for wisdom for those on both sides of this issue. I pray that God's Will is done and that God shines his face on America. I pray that He restores our land and the hearts within it. May we all seek His face... for without His blessing, we are doomed no matter what race we are from.

The whole reason I have even decided to talk about this issue is because of a girl named Jenny. Tomorrow, I'll tell her story and pay tribute to her for her family. I hope you'll come back and read it.

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Grizzly Mama said...

Thank you for sharing your views on this and I am looking forward to your story.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks Grizzly Bear. I was going to come in last night and post the story, but I ate dinner at a friend's house and then we came home to watch the 1949 version of "Little Women" (rented from Netflix - on my sidebar). I enjoyed it. I've got the newer version of the same movie coming this week so we can compare them.

I've had Jenny on my mind off and on since I first heard about her story. It is so sad. I'll come back in later today to post it.



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