June 03, 2006

Field Trip Foto Friday: Blue Bell Creamery & More!

Photo and Advertisement by Blue Bell Ice Cream

It's Saturday again and I'm posting the Field Trip Foto Friday late (for the second time now). Oh, well... the material is just as good late as it would have been on time.

I've borrowed my favorite Blue Bell promotional graphic for your viewing pleasure... so be sure to note that it is NOT MY PICTURE. The photos we took from this trip were pre-digital and are boxed up someplace in storage waiting on us to get a house, some free time to put them into binders and scrapbooks, and pigs to fly.

Speaking of pigs... I'm not sure if you remember the Blue Bell commercial in the 1990's that had the wonderful singing cow, "moo moo!!!!" and the smiling pig? I just loved that commercial and wish they would bring it back. It is one of my all-time favorites. One of Blue Bell's mottos is that "The Cows think Brenham is Heaven." It might not be heaven, but it is lovely in the Spring!

I sure enjoy being in Brenham, TX... and the Blue Bell Creamery has a super forty-five minute tour that takes you through the creamery and explains the process of making one of the best ice-creams on Planet Earth (since 1911). You'll get to see the people and machines going full gear, and it will wind around and end in the Blue Bell shop where you can have a scoop of ice cream and see all the gift shop memorabilia. The tour costs very little. The Blue Bell delivery car from way-back-when is parked out front to look at also, and there are plenty of interesting things nearby if you are making the trip from a distance.

Also in the area if you are interested and on a day-trip:

  • The Monastery of St. Clair which is a Ranch that is open for tours which has miniature horses.

  • The Antique Rose Emporium (lovely in the spring and summer). Admission is FREE, but you can hardly leave there without buying something beautiful.

  • The Blue Bell Aquatic Center is open to the public (for a small fee) and has enjoyable fountains and ice-cream shaped sprinklers in their pools.

  • Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site (home of annual living history demonstrations).

  • Barrington Living History Farm

  • Lake Somerville (only 14 miles North of Brenham)

  • Nueces Canyon Equestrian Center - cutting horse competitions, admission is free.

For more information on the above sites and more ideas for the area, click here!
Oh, and while you're there, stop in for lunch at Must Be Heaven (Deli & Sandwich Shop) for a kid meal served in a little car box, and of course - more Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Have fun in Bluebonnet Country!

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buggymug said...

Heather ~ You mentioned that you guys like to read about the Titanic. Have you heard about the Titanic exhibit in Branson? Check it out! We're planning on going to the homeschool days at Silver Dollar City in October, and plan to to also visit the Titanic museum while we're there. We, too, have a fascination with the whole story of the Titanic.

MommyLydia said...

The Best ice cream in the country!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm Blue Bell!!! :)

Sprittibee said...

Bug - sent you an email.

My boaz's ruth - Yep! Although, there's a place that makes my very favorite ice cream in Houston (they only sell to restaurants, though). They sell the most amazing pistachio ice cream ever to one of the Pappa's restaurants there. I tracked them down after multiple attempts at guilt-trips to the wait-staff, and the company told me they would sell me a 2 gallon bucket (haven't gotten one yet since I'm geographically challenged). I plan to do that next time I go to Houston!

sara - You and me both. I went through a Cookie-Dough Ice Cream with Magic Shell stage in 2003. I actually have never much liked ice-cream my whole life. If I did, I doubt I'd be able to fit in any of my clothes. I can go without it for a long time. I went to a Dairy-Queen not long ago, though. I ordered a "Chocolate Rock". Apparently, they don't have that on the menu anymore, but an old-timer still knew how to make it. Pretty sad when the thing you like exits the menu and you don't find out about for years.



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