June 22, 2006

Ice with Issues


Do we have any budding homeschooled scientists out there that would like to explain these freakish frozen friends we found in our freezer? Since then, we have tried to re-create the effect, to no avail. We have tried hot water, luke-warm water, and cold water... but never since have we seen such wild icy behavior!

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Anonymous said...

Do you have ice trays stacked on top of each other? I think the cube on the left could be the result of being under another tray. This is not at all scientific, but I have seen them like the left cute. The other two are pretty wild, though, and I don't recall seeing any like that.

Dianne Godwin :-)

Hanley Family said...

ok, I'll venture a guess. Do you have any condensation issues in your freezer? Too much frost built up or anything? It looks like perhaps a drip or a bit of ice or something dripped into the tray, and the splash froze.

bigwhitehat said...


Anonymous said...

Ooh, nope. But your alliteration abilities are awesome!


Sprittibee said...

Dianne... the tiny fridge in this apartment has only a 2-Tray box up top, so no... they weren't stacked.

Dana... I would say there is a bit of frost in there. Maybe that's what it was? That would be a lot more believable (and reassuring) than some freakish chemical crystalization process.

BigWhiteHat... Howdy, pardner. Get back from your long trip?

Cindy my Friend... You didn't know I had a fettish for alliteration? Sprittibee itself was a bit of an alliteration experiment. Did you ever see that billboard "Faked out by Fake Free Checking?" Oh, we had so much fun with that one. Kev and I like to change the words to popular songs and do our own thang. I also make an awesome stuttering 's' sound and love to use it while I sing "Silver Bells". I'm just so mutli-talented. ;)

Anonymous said...

See, mine's not double stacked or too much frost too!

Weird! (also no dripping!)

We have some sci fi going on in the freezer, lol

Thanks for sharing!



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