June 12, 2006

Sprittibee's Rock Painting Project

Finally! If you were keeping track of my Rock Unit, you'll know that we had plans to finish this, but had to move on to other units and projects. Well, we finally sat down and finished the rocks not long ago, and I've uploaded a few photos of them at flickr.

Here's a brief preview:


Check them out in more detail at my Rock Painting Photo Set on Flickr.com ...

Now if I could only get my naked llamas finished (from the Sheep Unit), and the rock lapbook, my pile of papers graded, the laundry finished, the bills paid, my perfect paella made for tonight's dinner, and school finished for the year...

As you can see, I need to be doing anything but blogging! Be back as soon as I can get back in here!

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Douglas said...

You are garonnteed to get some visits from people googling "naked llamas!"

Anonymous said...

LOVE your layout! looks so nice!

yikes, reminds me to go out and get you some PA rocks...:-0

Sprittibee said...

I guess I should be more descriptive... they are stick figure llamas that have been Papier Mâchèd and covered in masking tape. They look more like llama mummies than naked llamas. They are waiting for the addition of fur, ears, white and black paint, saddles, saddle bags, and any other aesthetic details we might fancy. The only problem is lack of motivation seeing as how we finished the sheep unit in December. :)

Thanks Barbara! You don't have to worry about sending the rocks. We did get some PA rocks. I think the only ones we didn't get were the ones from Tennessee.



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