June 10, 2006

Stalled Site Meter and Saturday Sale

Sorry for the absence and for not getting the rock photos up. I've been busy with errands, paperwork, and face painting today for a friend. I went to bed last night at one o'clock and had to get up at seven and be at my friend's church at 8:30 AM to paint faces for her rummage sale.

Yesterday and the night before, I tried to fix a few things on the template and get my site meters back in gear, but to no avail. It looks like after a year of tracking, I'll have to get new site meters for my blog - which really bothers me. I'm not sure any other way to fix the problem. Seeing as how I didn't move URLs, it doesn't make any sense to me why two of them would crater like this. I also tried last night to fix a few buttons on the yellow links sidebar to your right, but it made half of the sidebar disappear on me. I'd better keep my day job: homeschooling. HTML just seems to not be my thing.

Painting, on the other hand, is fun. It's not work at all. Although, this morning has really tired me out, and I am about to lay down and take a loooong nap before mom's night out tonight with my co-op friends.

Kev and the kids are going to watch the second Lord of the Rings. Yeah, I know - it's kind of weird that my kids are allowed to watch that movie - but I finally cratered after they begged and begged about it (and it doesn't help that Daddy and I both are big fans). Kaden leaves the room during scary parts. They have both watched it enough times to not be scared by it anymore, for the most part. I just love Smigel. My friend Kelly used to call me Smigel because I like to squish and love on small furry animals (they are my "precious"). Luckily for him, Pug no longer has to endure this cruel punishment.

Happy napping - or whatever else you do on your Saturdays! Maybe I'll feel more bloggish tomorrow and finally get some photos up. I have no idea anymore if anyone is listening or not (since I can't check my site meters anymore).... so if you are listening, I'll see you same time tomorrow.


Rhonda said...

The kids have seen selected scenes of the first LOTR (just because Griff can't stand not to share it). I'm not too sure about letting them see the whole thing, though. I thought those orcs were going to give ME nightmares. I can just imagine Ruthie's reaction.

Robert is like Kaden, though. If a movie get too intense, he disappears for awhile. Sort of self-censoring.

I'm sorry about the site meter problems, but your new look is mah-velous. :)

Hanley Family said...

just lettin' ya know I'm out here. Bummer about your stat counter...

Grizzly Mama said...

Well Happy belated Blogaversary!! I love the new look.

My kids watched LOTR - they love it. I wouldn't have thought that it was an appropriate movie for an 8 y/old and a 5 y/old. They watched with Daddy-o and they really enjoyed it. He has them doing things that I would never dream of doing. Like watching Batman and swinging them high, high, high up into the air with gum their mouths.

It's one reason why Dads are important. I'm too nervous nelly about adventurous things.

Sprittibee said...

Rhonda - Yeah, LOTR just doesn't really "do it" for Kaden. But, then, he would rather play video games or read than watch ANY movie. He says he "hates" movies. The only time he enjoys them is when we take him to the theater (and that is a reallllly rare treat in our family).

Dana - THANKS for the comment. I know that a few people visit often, but I really like it when I see them in my comments box. I think I might have resurrected one of the stat counters after spending a few hours working on my template this afternoon. Hopefully it will be salvageable.

Hopefully I am spelling correctly, because I'm way too tired to go check tonight....

Monicar - Thanks grizzly-mama! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's lax on LOTR. We are pretty strict on most movies, but since they are 9 and 7 now, we are starting to give them a little more slack. I did, however, have to edit the "mating" part of a cat video they brought home from the library today. I know that birds and bees talk is not far away, but I dread it.

Grizzly Mama said...

I hear you on the birds and bees stuff. We were forced into it last year with the (currently) 9 y/old. She had heard some things out on the block about those plastic bracelets and what different colors mean - all sexual of course. This was a 7 y/old telling her ALL about it. We were amazed and upset and not ready to have 'the talk'. Amazing what those kiddies learn in school - isn't it? I didn't even know that the bracelets meant ANYTHING! I am glad our girl came to us to ask about it. So - we had 'the talk'. She was quite amused at how embarrased we were about it. I tried, Sprittibee - I tried to be cool about it...Old Grizzly Mama is old fashioned it seems and I never had 'the talk' with MY parents so I didn't know how to do it.

*sigh* One more kid to go and hopefully it will be able to wait a few years..

Sprittibee said...

Wow, Griz. I am not looking forward to that. I can't remember when I learned all about those types of things, but I do know that I never had the talk with my mom either.

Anonymous said...

What do all the colors mean?



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