June 28, 2006

Summer Announcements & More


1. Stop on over at the Homeschool Carnival - Week 26. I missed it yesterday, unsure of where it was. Sorry for the delay! Blame it on the sunshine at the park.

2. I'll be hosting the Carnival on August 8th! Looking forward to it.

3. We've only got three days left until we head down to Texas for our vacation, so we're buzzing like bees to get as much school done as possible. I'm planning to get through the last bit of Winter and Spring today, and hopefully will add a few photos to the Season Set. Don't worry, I'll have computer access on vacation, although I might not be seen quite as often as usual.

4. Our vacation will be from this Saturday through the following week (July 9)... but I'm taking my 2004-5 School Year records with me so I can start adding them to the Sprittibee's Homeschool Series! Maybe by the end of July I'll be almost caught up. Now if only I could manage that task with my scrapbooks (7 years behind). Be looking in to see the records added to my homeschool series post for the year Kaden was in 2nd Grade, and Morgan was in 1st (this year they are in 3rd and 2nd)!

5. In case you've time to browse some more, I've gathered up some interesting posts/info from my browsings this week. There are so many great blogs out there, folks. I'm very happy that you visit mine - but don't let your browser stop there!

Honey on the Net:

Wittingshire’s Darwin Dissent Post - my comments? BRAVO!

Amy, the Humble Muse spreads seeds of wisdom in this garden-related post.

PHAT Mommy recognizes the signs of depression as they affect her parenting skills.

Blogs of Beauty Awards are open again for 2006!

Nominations begin Thursday June 29th, and continue until July 9th. Voting begins for the finalists on July 10 and continues until July 17. Winners will be announced July 18th! Stop over at "A Gracious Home" this Thursday to nominate your favorite Christ-Centered blogs (written by women). For more ideas about what they are looking for in a blog, visit the Carnival of Beauty requirements post.

6. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Unknown said...

hi thnx for tht big reply
ya u wil surely b successful in watever ur doing
and indian culture is good
but india is not yet developed and i think our culture is stopping a faster development in the country
every now and then there are political interference in every human action out here and the govt policies to capture votebank is killin the nation
thr r lots of things tht need to b corrected before India Inc stands aloft in the clouds

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Noticed your blog on the Texas Connection, and thought you'd like my "Carried by Christ" blog




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