July 24, 2006

Bug Trivia

The kids discovered an interesting little bug at a relative's home in Houston on our vacation. It had lumps of what we think is black clay dirt on it's back, but we weren't going to sample it to be sure! It looks to be the larval state of some strange insect. It was about as big as a lady bug (very tiny) and had a greenish waxy look. The little spiky spines made him look tough for a wee-one. When we set it on a piece of paper for the photo-op, it got mad and reared up, putting it's 6 legs up towards us.

Let's play "Name That Bug!" - ready, set, go!


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Anonymous said...

Okay, so I don't care for the bug but I know my 8 year old son would! Life in Orlando is just full of bugs, everywhere. Too many for me. I am ready to move somewhere where it gets cold again so they die off... Sad but true. You are just too fun of a mom! Sue in Orlando FL

Erin said...

The Green-Back Barbed Dung Bug. In it's larval stage, of course.

Sprittibee said...

Sue - Do show it to your son! Don't give up on us Southerners just yet. I am not more fun than any other mom. I'm just a bit eccentric. ;)

You are just amazing! I looked up images of the bug you suggested and Google has nothing. It is amazing to me that they are "undiscovered" by the internet. I'm glad I didn't try to figure out what that poo on their backs was first hand! YUCK. I had certainly never seen it before. Although, now that you say what it is, I've never seen a full grown one that I can think of, either. Is it the same thing as a dung beetle? I saw the lifecycle of a dung beetle and the larvae look much different than our bug. We have an aunt who works as an entomologist, but she isn't big on email... so I thought I would put the photo here first! Way to go, Erin - you smartie britches!

By the way, Kaden was first seen with this bug holding it and saying, "Bad bug! Bad, Bad, Bug!" It apparently bit him... though not really that hard.

Sprittibee said...

Erin - that middle part was for you! Sorry, I deleted your name off somehow when I copied it to post! :)

Crystal Starr said...

I'm gonna say this is the second most ugly bug in the world bug. ICK!! What's the first ugliest bug in the world you ask? Well I'll tell you it's this disgusting big guy. It's called a house centipede and they are in MY house!!!! The first time I saw one of those climb out of my sink I was ready to pack up and move! I'm getting all nervous and sick thinking about it!!



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