July 14, 2006

Field Trip Foto Friday: Galveston Beach


The trip to Galveston that we made in March of 2004 was not just for fun, although that is exactly what we had anyway! We were studying Kings and Queens in the KONOS Obedience Unit and were on a mission to include a field trip - even without much option for those types of things in America. Aside from the play, Princess and the Pea (done to a Russian theme with blends of the story of Anastasia included), which we watched... and our end-of-school year KONOS Medieval Feast... we had plans to visit a sword shop at the mall, attend a fencing demonstration at a fencing club in Houston, and our grand plans were to go to Dallas and eat at "Medieval Times" (where they have live jousting and wonderful costumes). When we found out our house was selling, and we had to move in an unexpectedly short time, school was forced to end a little quicker than we had planned (early May) and we ended up skipping some field trips for lack of funds and time. I'm planning to add those wonderful field trips in again in Junior High when we do more Renaissance History with KONOS. All of us want to revisit that unit.

My kiddos were barely 7 and 5 when we made this trip with our friends from out of town. The other two little girls in the photo are family buddies who are not homeschooled. They enjoyed being included on our unit study anyway. While in Galveston, we built sand castles on the beach (after buying a jacket or two - it was chilly with that March gulf wind - even in the sun). Hey - castles go with medieval times, right? Then we visited the Bishop's Palace (just the church part under it because the top was closed for visitors)... and we went inside a cathedral with lovely stained glass (mentioning to the kids how that was a big thing back then if a castle or church was able to afford stained glass windows). We took a bunch of photos and ended up at my favorite beach restaurant: Mario's. No one in Galveston can beat their inexpensive pizza and cannolis. We hit the buffet line that day, which was nice, and also got a salad. The restaurant is right off the sea-wall, so you have a nice view if you sit by the windows of passers-by.

We enjoyed our sunny, windswept March day on the beach (even if it is a grimy beach compared to those in Florida or California). There's fun to be had at Galveston Island!

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PJ said...

I so enjoyed this post.
We lived in the apartments across the street from that staute for 5 years.
Glad you enjoyed your trip, we love Galveston.

Sprittibee said...

PJ - Glad you liked it. :) Thanks for commenting. Good to know that someone is getting at least a warm-fuzzy from a few of my posts.



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