July 12, 2006

Hump Day and Creation Series Intro

Professional, but not Perfect
Let me start first by saying that I began this blog as a journal of sorts, and never intended to become an A-list blogger like Tim Challies , LaShawn Barber or Michelle Malkin. I don't hope to be the best referenced, best polished, most linked or best informed. Keeping a home, a husband, two children, a homeschool, and a cat keeps me from being a "Serious Blogger" through and through. I enjoy the blog (most days) and I don't intend to give it up... but I do have a "day job".... and although I love blogging, I love my "day job" better (not to mention, it's much more rewarding).

Science Series Introduction
That being said, I wanted to write this as an introduction to my Science series on "Why I Believe in 6-Day Creation" so that I can explain UP FRONT where I'm coming from. I'm not a Scientist (my dad is - poor thing, but I'm not). I don't mind commenting and responding after I post on this topic; however, I don't intend to list references for every tiny bit of information I share (other than to say where I heard it).... and I don't intend to cast my pearls before swine and go in circles arguing fruitlessly, either. So, if you are wanting to argue points on my series, please be prepared to do your own legwork for the original sources, and be prepared to aim your questions at me tactfully. If you make ugly comments, they will be deleted promptly. If you attack anyone else in the comments section, your comments will also be deleted.

Most of the information that I'm going to provide in my "Why I Believe in 6-Day Creation" series will be coming directly from Kent Hovind's Creation Seminar - Tape 1 - "Age of the Earth". You can save yourself from reading my summarized notes if you just click my link herein and listen/watch the free video yourself (be prepared to sit there for a couple of hours at least, and the quality online is much reduced from the actual videos - text on the screen is near impossible to read). Kent Hovind puts his whole life into Creation research and lists references for each of his findings on the videos and in his notes which accompany the videos if you buy them. I highly suggest that you purchase, copy and distribute (he doesn't copyright them) these seminars to whomever will watch them (especially if you are a Christian). They are wonderful. While I don't agree with every single thing Kent Hovind says; and may not be perfectly aligned with all of his doctrinal stances, his science material is stellar. I hope you enjoy it.

Hard Hump Day
Today has been a really busy and rough day - the first full day back after our trip. Kaden has been having a sinus attack (sneezing and runny nose), and a math meltdown (said he thought I should have taken the Math with us on vacation because he's getting "stuck" and seems to have forgotten some of it). We've cleaned off the book shelves, put our new books away that my friend Ammie gave us, and begun school again. I've done the checkbook, paid bills, called the library, checked the mail, gone through more than a week's worth of mail, done our menu plan for the week, made out a grocery list, unpacked all the suitcases, put all the medicines away from our illnesses, checked email, gone through the paper for coupons, updated my dayplanner/calendar, and cooked lunch. I still have a huge list ahead of me (tonight is grocery night and I'm cooking falafels) and more school planning to get done for our last three weeks before "Summer Vacation" - the whole month of August. [It can't come soon enough!]

I'm off to get back to my work, but wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about the series or the blog in general. I'm just buried at the moment!

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Will said...

I clicked on the link provided and something pretty bizarre happened. Maybe I don't have the right "Christian" software installed? ;)

Can you find a different source for that video? I suspect that that link leads to a page that requires software I don't have/use. I use Firefox as my browser.

Corey said...

Future Geek:
You may need Windows Media Player or you can download the videos from YouTube.com or from Yahoo Videos.

I was wondering if you heard that Kent Hovind has pled no contest for three charges involving Dinosaur Adventure Land?

Anonymous said...

Hovind's good, but I really prefer AnswersInGenesis.org Not only do I know some of the people there, but I find that they are extremely well researched and peer reviewed. You should take a look!

MommyLydia said...

Who do you know at Answers in Genesis? I was put on to them because my pastor-at-the-time's son worked on their newsletter and such, and i've been a supporter ever since.

Sprittibee said...

Future Geek - You made my day that you would consider watching a Kent Hovind tape just because I recommended it to you - even though most Evolutionists think he's a wacko and even some Creationists have a beef with some of the information he provides. I am truly touched. You really are more open-minded than I would have ever given an evolutionist credit for. I'm learning new things every day. :)

Corey - Yes, sadly, I do know about the lawsuit issues. Kent has a a tendency to believe in most conspiracy theories that are out there... even some are a little wacky for me. I also think that there is some information on one of his seminars (which I found pretty controversial) about taxes and such. I have to say, though. He is a man that stands behind his beliefs at all costs. This should not refute most of his science evidence, however. Lots of really smart scientific-type people (which would not include myself) are eccentric and wierd. Have you ever caught a glimpse of Albert E.'s hairdo? Thanks for providing Future Geek with some video feed info. Are you the same Corey that left notes in one of my earlier posts that were of a scientific nature? I have had them burried in my inbox for months. Sorry, if that is the case. I seem to remember something about the Ort Cloud?

Minthegap: I agree with you that AIG is certainly less controversial than Hovind. I read through their excellent article tonight about the differences they have with him. In case any of you here in the comments section who aren't bored to tears by all this origins banter want to read it, here it is: Maintaining Creationst Integrity

I also have their wonderful DVD (AIG) about creation and some books they recommend. I used to get a subscription to Creation Illustrated as well, but alas... we're clipping coupons and cutting corners these days. We even got the non-free-range chicken eggs tonight. Everyone is giving up their little indulgences these days at the Beehive... even Ms. Minga the Snott (our cat).

My Boaz's Ruth: Howdy, my pre-Texan Washingtonian buddy. I was sorry to hear that there's such an awful political aura around Seattle. I have heard similar things about Alaska from a dear friend who lived there for 6 months. It is just too bad, because it is so beautiful there. I still want to visit. You haven't scared me off that much.

As for the Creation notes, I will not be using every tiny shred of evidence that Kent Hovind uses in my posts. I don't think he has ample evidence on some of them to make a valid case, and others I am not sure I agree with. However, he's got so many of them which are solid, I will have plenty of ammo. Hope you will all come back when I can sit down and edit the notes into something coherent.

I'm up way past my bedtime and have school again tomorrow... so most likely I won't be back until later tomorrow evening. I'm planning on doing a Field Trip Foto Friday this Friday, also... so I may do Part 1 tomorrow night and then skip Friday to do Part 2 Saturday. See you then.

Corey said...

Yes, that was me and some info on the Oort Cloud can be found at Wikipedia.

I found this news item from a science blog I visit often, on Kent Hovind being charged again with tax evasion. He also was indicted for making threats against investigators and filing false complaints against I.R.S. agents.



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