July 17, 2006

"Post it. And they will come."

I have to start out this post by offering an apology of sorts... to my faithful homeschool mom pals, blogging buddies, family, and friends. I know that many of you stop in here to just simply check up on us and see photos of the kids. Some others stop in for homeschool encouragement and ideas for your lesson plans. Some others of you (I suppose) are drawn by my strangeness [or by accidental typos on Google], most likely - for there could be no other explanation for my blog statistics.

It is to YOU, dear visitors, that I offer my deepest apology for the science banter I've been engaging in for the past week or so. I know it is tedious reading all those comments, and I give you personal leave to not do so if you so choose. However, I must say, that all of the commenters have behaved in such a fine fashion, and have therefore been allowed to remain. I only delete comments that are hateful and un-Christian in their conduct... and therefore, I see no reason to not allow honest debate and inquiry.

I much prefer the fun-loving posts about craft projects, cute things the kids are saying, lesson plans, biblical wisdom [have I ever posted any to this effect? - or rather pleadings for help with biblical wisdom?]... but I have made a promise; and like in the case of the llamas (see yesterday's post), I must make good on it. My promise was to post part 2 of my "Why I Believe in 6-Day Creation" series; and so I shall. Hopefully by tomorrow. I had tried to post it yesterday or the day before but Blogger flaked out on me and I lost an hour's worth of formatting (making my blood boil); thus I gave up and turned the computer off, putting the project off for another day.

The post is typed, and I am quite sure that when I post it, "they will come". So, hopefully I'll still have time to attend to the comments and keep posting our regularly scheduled program as well! I'm hoping you all can forgive a little rabbit trail now and then... especially when it is on such important questions as to the origins of mankind and our vast universe. Obviously, I do like to stretch the definitions of what pertains to homeschooling (since this is by-in-large a homeschooling blog and I like to be on topic)... but in this case, I don't think it is so far a stretch, as all homeschool teachers must teach Science (and most teach Religion as well). Origins cover both Science and Religion... two homeschool topics in one.

Join me tomorrow as I post Part 2. See you then.

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