August 31, 2006

Explaining my Absence and Prayer Requests

I apologize for disappearing for two days, but I do have quite a few excuses... some good, some bad... and a prayer request or two. Tuesday afternoon, I found out that my good friend Christi's boyfriend had shot himself in front of her (in the head) and he was on life support. He died, and I have not been able to get a hold of her since she initially told me what happened. I pray that you would please keep her and her kids in your prayers. I can not imagine going through something like she is experiencing. She lives in another state and I am unable to go see her, so I have been experiencing a lot of heartache and guilt in not being able to be there for her.

All week I have been attending classes in the evening at my church along with homeschooling. The classes have been wonderful. The last one was last night, so now my evenings should be freed up and I'll again have a little time for blogging. I was gone all day yesterday on field trips and play-time for the children also... so today, with Daddy home for the next two days from work, we are doing a light schedule and enjoying time together as a family.

I finally got Kaden's IOWA test scores as well... and will discuss that in another post.

For today, I ask that you please remember Christi, and my friend Kelly's husband, Chuck, in your prayers. Chuck is having surgery at 3pm to have a cyst removed from his wrist. As this is delicate and it will affect his ability to work, I ask that you pray for them as well.

Tomorrow, I'll return you to our regular program! God bless and THANK YOU for praying!

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Spunky said...

Praying for your dear friend. That's so tragic.

Sprittibee said...

Thank you, Spunky. I just got ahold of my friend and she was at the funeral home. She is afraid that his insurance will not pay for the funeral, and the family nor her have the money to bury him. It is so hard. She asked me to request anyone that has a few dollars to spare to donate to the cause. The funeral is Saturday.

Heather said...


Crystal Starr said...

(((Praying))) for your friend too!! It's unimaginable.

Sprittibee said...

Thanks for the prayers, everyone. I would also ask that you pray for her two kids. They have had a really hard past year, so this was not something they needed to add to their life right now. May the Lord bless and shelter them from the storms around them and lead them both to His perfect Way.

Martin LaBar said...

Wow. How awful. Will pray.

Kaira said...

May he rest in peace.



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