August 05, 2006

Gaurding our Birthright as Homeschoolers

A friend sent me an excellent article via email that is worth the read. Here's a quote:

"What is the issue in your state? Are you willingly submitting to high school accreditation when it isn’t really necessary? Are you trading your freedoms for promises of charter school status, free computers, free curriculum materials, scholarship money, special education services, or anything else? Be careful of any and all attachments to public education. You never get something for nothing. There are always strings attached." - Dr. Mary Hood

It reminds me of the story of "The Wild and Free Pigs of the Okefenokee Swamp". Always ask "What's attached?" before you accept a gift. Sometimes there's a time-bomb ticking away inside that pretty present.

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Anonymous said...

This has been an issue in the homeschooling community for so long. It's why I look askance at HSLDA and others pushing for a tax credit for homeschoolers. Yes, there's a part of me that would like to have that money I send in property taxes to the schools we don't use back (but I'd imagine any childless-by-choice married couple would like that money back, too...). But there's another part of me that knows that the second I take money from taxpayers (even if it was mine to start with!), they're going to want more accountability, more oversight--more of everything. And I don't want to give it to them--that's why I homeschool!

Sprittibee said...

Me too (about not wanting big brother in my business). I still think that EVERYONE should get a property tax cut. I think the governments pockets are way too deep. I also think it is foolish to give aid to countries that turn around and use the money against us. Pork is rampant in politics. There should be a flat 10% income tax across the board - rich or poor. PERIOD. Only OVERSEAS-MADE products should be taxed with sales tax. We should be rewarding our own businesses, not other countries businesses. Maybe that would slow the outsourcing of our jobs. Sad that most of the people who make it to Washington are so easily won over by crooked lobby money. I think there's a Bible verse that would explain what God thinks about that somewhere.... ;)

I better step down off my soap box now. I've learned that talking about politics tends to bring the wierdos out of the woodwork.



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